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  1. DevDev

    DevDev New Member

    Hi I

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  2. lshiva56

    lshiva56 New Member

    Hi I am also searching for the Question. If you find the solution inform me at

    Siva L
  3. chetan3557

    chetan3557 New Member

    ya i also want to know about it... all indians here :D
  4. MsDayana

    MsDayana New Member

    Is there any answer for those questions? I also want to know.
  5. kashim123321

    kashim123321 New Member

    can u post the anser as anther thread
  6. Jai.k

    Jai.k New Member

    Hi all,

    samsung fit is running flashlite. Flash player 10.x is not supported in galaxy fit:mad: and u can get updated from 2.2(froyo) to 2.3(gingerbread).Updates r expected to release very soon
  7. aashishkohli12

    aashishkohli12 New Member

    Here is the link of my website in which i posted how to update samsung galaxy fit to 2.3.4 gingerbread im and indian and im also using this one ! PLease follow the instructions given below and it will help you to update your phone i dont know about the FLASH PLAYER !! i am getting it and will be telling you as soon as posible !!!

    Here is the link !!! BEST OF LUCK !!
    How to Update Samsung Galaxy Fit to Gingerbread 2.3.4 - Geek Freakers

    Home - Geek Freakers
  8. akira7

    akira7 New Member

    hey ppl
    u want flash for playing flash games or for viewing web content .. (mostly videos)
    if its the latter then there is a browser called skyfire that has its own flash ( just like mozilla has a build in falsh plugin)
    works well on fit and u can watch all video sites
    also it streams videos very fast by compressing them to fit mobile screen saving bandwidth
    try skyfire
    i cant post link cuz its somenes else,, but u can google search
    skyfire browser

    hope i helped
  9. ankitus

    ankitus New Member

    Hey Akira... mate this skyfire browser is not available for download for samsung galaxy fit... plz dont post news that are not tested or used by yourself. People trust the replies and try it and when it comes to the notice that its not what they expected its pretty frustrating. cheers!!
  10. hardyman

    hardyman New Member

    Skyfire is here

    Works on my galaxy fit
  11. arjun.bothra

    arjun.bothra New Member

    Im trying to search about flash player plugins for my phone [GT-S5670].
    I didnt get anything, please tell me best and compatible flash plugins for my phone.
    Thank You.​

    -Chazzy Arjun
  12. GerardoAndroid

    GerardoAndroid New Member

    Hello, I'm looking for flash player for samsung galaxy fit, however I have not been successful. I need if anyone knows anything about it. Thank you. My galaxy is android 2.3.4:)
  13. goofzz

    goofzz New Member

    Want adobe flash player in galaxy fit.... Check out step by step instruction at
  14. semmy96

    semmy96 Member

    Hi for playing flash games.swf such app is available in the market! Just search for swf player....
  15. yogendraauwa

    yogendraauwa New Member

    i have root my galaxy fit and also installed chainfire 3d pro but hd games like gangstar and nove not working plz help me. plz
  16. MMax_A45

    MMax_A45 Member

    Galaxy fit is a low end device. Majority of HD games today are developed for high powered smartphone. So, using Chainfire 3D will not much contribute to HD gaming even if you overclock your device.

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