Galaxy i5500: Missing youtube app / cannot watch youtubeSupport

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  1. DaPsy

    DaPsy New Member

    Hi all,

    2 days ago i bought the samsung galaxy i5500 for my girlfriend.
    On the internet it says, it commes with youtube application installed, but this phone didn't have the standard youtube application installed.
    I also cannot watch youtube movies when i go to the youtube website.

    Is there anybody else who had the same problems?
    Shall i go back to the shop?

    I already did a firmware update via Kies to android 2.1 update1 and a "restore to factory settings" nothing works to get the standard youtube application on the phone.

  2. DaPsy

    DaPsy New Member

    I solved this problem by calling samsung service.
    It seems like that youtube ( google ) is in a conflict with the belgian SABAM. Some kind of organisation for belgian authors.

    Because of that samsung doesn't install the youtube app anymore on the android phones. I managed to find the installation file for youtube on the internet. So if somebody else has the same problem just contact me.

    Samsung still advertises with the youtube app but doesn't install it anymore in Belgium.
  3. liberman

    liberman New Member


    I bought my phone in Belgium 2 days ago..its Samsung Galaxy 2.1 i5500 and i cant play youtube videos. Please help me im going crazy!!!

    Tnx a lot
    Vuk from Malta
  4. DaPsy

    DaPsy New Member

  5. Abiram26

    Abiram26 Well-Known Member

    Download Skyfire (internet browser)
    I think it's free in android market.
    Then go to youttube.
    and enjoy watching vids

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