galaxy III widgets problems

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  1. boiadeh

    boiadeh New Member

    Hi there,
    Vast majority of my widgets don't seem to be active when i move them to the homescreens.. Facebook or even Twitter for example, when I click on the status screen within the widget, instead of letting me write it within the widgeg, it opens the full the full application. Basically I get the widgets but not their interactivity. Does anybody know what could be? Thanks

  2. Ibreakphones

    Ibreakphones Member

    Just an idea, and may be wrong.... Have you unchecked "sync", to save battery... or maybe a battery management app has done that for you?
  3. boiadeh

    boiadeh New Member

    Hi ibreakphones,

    Didnt think of that... but no i am afraid.... sync is on send power saving is off...
  4. boiadeh

    boiadeh New Member

    Any other takers wishing to have a go?
  5. ann630

    ann630 Member

    Facebook widget didn't work for me either. Try Friendcaster. You can post from the widget. Better app than fb too. At least I think so. Hope this helps!

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