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  1. hippy

    hippy Well-Known Member

    My mate has an Apple Mac of some sort and wants to get his music onto his new Galaxy i7500 but the Samsung PC software is only available for Windows at the moment.

    Is there any way he can do stuff with his phone using a Mac or is he going to have to rely on using a card reader to copy music to an external SD card?

    Also, will there be any chance he can flash to the latest firmware without Samsung supporting Macs? Anyone done this? I couldn't find any threads on this kind of problem.. I guess most Mac users buy iClones? :)

  2. pasxal

    pasxal Well-Known Member

    When u connect the phone to the pc it acts like an external drive. If not, try to enable/disable usb debugging while connected and it will find your phone. You must see a notification on your phone then.Press mount and you've done the job. Now for updates your friend can use vmware,virtualbox(it works fine for me) to apply them.
  3. matzen

    matzen Member

    Tell him to use DoubleTwist. Works great on my macbook.
  4. katja

    katja New Member

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