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  1. rhimeslex1999

    rhimeslex1999 New Member

    Good Day!

    Yesterday i try to flash a stock rom through ODIN 4.38
    I Followed every instructions but i always get stucked in system.rfs
    well obviously i get stuck on black screen of death but i can still go to download mode (volume down + home + power button )
    I try 3 stock roms for Galaxy mini but still stuck on system.rfs

    please help what should I do!?????:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  2. washa

    washa Member

    Hi, any news about it?

    What was your previous ROM, before trying to flash a stock ROM?

    I can only recommend to try download verything from this link:
    Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Original Stock ROMs Firmware Packaged ~ Android Solution

    There is ODIN downloader, OPS file and ROMs for Galaxy Mini s5570.
    I followed instruction for the flashing stock ROM like you and everytime get the success.

    :) don't forget to press button: Thanks! if this help... :)

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    Active HW:
    HTC Touch Pro2 - Windows 6.5 EnergyROM
    Samsung Galaxy Mini - Android 2.3.7 CM7.2.0 KANG ROM
    Samsung Galaxy ACE - Android 2.3.7 THE END 3.0 ROM
    HTC Evo 3D - Android 2.3.4 stock ROM
  3. deiv

    deiv New Member

    I encountered same. Problem is the OPS. You can download ODIN and working OPS at the link posted by WASHA.

    I downloaded ROM to any site and used ODIN and OPS downloaded to the link posted by WASHA and it worked for me. Process time is 15-20sec.

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