Galaxy Mini semi-bricked, what do i do?

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  1. voddles

    voddles Member

    What the title says.

    I flashed the phone for 2.3, it ran nicely, i figured i'd install Cyanogen, now the boot screen seems to freeze. The bootscreen is a very simple white text on a black background. The text says 'Android' in small pixelated letters and is positioned at the right of the screen.

    I can access download mode and recovery mode, but not actually start the phone up. So what should i do now? :confused:

  2. voddles

    voddles Member

    It'd be REALLY good if i get some fast answers, i have a very important meeting tomorrow.
  3. voddles

    voddles Member

    Not a singe reply? :'(
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Chill! I appreciate you're desperate for a response, but the thread is only half an hour old :p

    I'll move your post to the Galaxy Mini subforum where hopefully users of the device will be able to assist.

    If you can get into recovery mode, can you try flashing Cyanogen again?
  5. apisfires

    apisfires Member

    what kind rom you install anyway?
  6. voddles

    voddles Member

  7. apisfires

    apisfires Member

    So what can i advice you..
    1. go to samsung sevice centre..
    2. claim warranty
    3. if their ask question, just say " im charge my phone battery overnite and when i want use it on morning my phone got off it self, and i cant switch on again", this method worked with my friend...
  8. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    Just wait a sec... You can easily fix that by yourself.... Just go into download mode and reflash gb there is a tutorial here : . The third post from the top in the first page :) Hope this helps. Btw that sign means that you device is bricked "Software Brick" . That you can probably fix by yourself. Hardware brick is when your device is busted and there is nothing that you can do. Only to give it to samsung guys :) . So the solution for you is just to refalsh the firmware :)

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