Galaxy Mini stuck in boot loop, how to backup phone data?Support

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  1. amgronid

    amgronid New Member

    I installed and removed some software to my Samsung Galaxy Mini and I think the memory got too full or something, because now the phone is not starting properly. On the screen there is a glowing/bliniking Samsung logo and now and then the phone vibrates for a second or so. I can get into download mode and recovery mode. I think I can flash a new firmware and then the phone would work, but my big question is how I can save all my data (contacts, notes and so on)? Is it possible to backup an image before flashing, in recovery mode? Or is it possible to save just all my own files (and not the whole system)? I guess everything will be flashed over when I reflash? The phone is not rooted and if I remember correctly it is running Android 2.2, same as it came with.

  2. amgronid

    amgronid New Member

    Well I managed to get into the phone with adb shell, but I can't mount the data partition because it says permission denied.. Is there any other way to backup my personal data?

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