Galaxy Nexus coming to US Cellular?

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  1. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    Galaxy Nexus signup page includes seven US carriers, endless speculation - Engadget

    The url summarizes it pretty well, but apparently the Galaxy Nexus sign up page includes US Cellular in its list of carriers, os it is at least possible that it might come to USC. I think this is great news for US Cellular because the GN looks like a great phone and it would be awesome for USC to have a top of the line phone soon after its release rather than months after all of the other carriers.

    Is anyone else interested in the Galaxy Nexus if it comes to USC?

  2. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't put high hopes on that article. It states that Samsung has a page designed for the discussion of the US carriers and their ability to release new phones. Basically, it would be like signing up for USCC's newsletter to find out when a new phone is coming to the market.
  3. that_maynard

    that_maynard Well-Known Member

    The SG2 was also supposes to be in the line up, so I wouldn't hold my breath. I was waiting for it and when US Cellular had a special promo price for the Electrify for $99, I bit. Love it so far, but would have loved the SG2 also.

    There is still supposed to be a Samsung Repp coming up?

    But after watching that video, I hope so and I'll take the Nexus and my wife can have the Electrify.
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