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  1. ypatel94

    ypatel94 New Member

    Recently the right side of my headphones (Klipsch Image One) have stopped working on my galaxy nexus. They work on everything else... my laptop, my room-mates iphone but not on the nexus! What could be the issue?

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    i know this sounds stupid. But do you have another pair of headphones you could try on the Nexus?
  3. ypatel94

    ypatel94 New Member

    Yea the ones that came with the nexus work fine and another pair I have the Klipsch Image S4 work, but the right side cuts out every once in a while.
    Could it be the connector on the headphone?
  4. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    it could be i guess. If this is a VZW model you could try going to the store to see what happens on the demo unit. If not maybe if you know someone else that has a G Nex like yours and try it. The only other thing i know is to swap it out.

    Welcome to AF by the way. Sorry i didn't welcome you at first. Been a busy day. lol
  5. stenzor

    stenzor Well-Known Member

    not sure but a pair of headphones I have got old and as usual started getting problems at the connector with sound coming in to only one side. However, this was only the case when I plugged them into mp3 players and phones. When I plugged them into my computer, both sides worked, but I'm pretty sure it was just mono audio directed to both sides.. not sure how the computer did that but maybe your laptop is doing the same thing and your headphones do have a bad connector? I know nothing about audio stuff and electronics so don't rely on this.

    Additionally, you could try swabbing the inside of your audio jack, maybe some dirt or something is blocking the connectors.
  6. noahjk

    noahjk Active Member

    After having my phone since Jan. I'm having the same issue with the right side headphone jack. Any headphones I plug in have the issue, and when I hold the plug in hard all of the connections are made. It's just when it's loose and it spins occasionally that I'll lose connectivity.

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