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galaxy nexus IMAP delay issueSupport

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  1. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Member

    I am having an issue with my galaxy nexus. The IMAP emails are delayed up to 24 hours. I have check my pc/mac and its all good. So I have had to set up my droid with POP. Its just a work around till I can get this sorted. Any clues??

    BTW, I rang Samsung Support for some help, I may as well have asked the my cat,

  2. schimm

    schimm Well-Known Member

    I think stock android email apps suck. I have no problem with Gmail and it's dedicated app. The unified email widget has been a failure in honeycomb, ICS and GB (Sense). Kaiten or K9 will fix your problems.
  3. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Member

    K9 is no better, havent tried Kalten. From my testing, its an IMAP issue. The email app that comes installed on the Galaxy Nexus handles POP like a treat. IMAP is however another story. Maybe I could try and get Gmail to host my other mail accounts and see if that makes any difference, seems a bit drastic though.
  4. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    IMAP is a standard, and it applies to it. Microsoft servers that serve "imap" do not comply.

    There's a lot of facts missing in these threads.

    What IMAP server?
    What are the server logs saying?
    What are the firewall logs saying?
    Is networking operating properly? (IE, if an IT admin brought up a second interface on a RHEL 5.5 server, ARP FLUXING could be a problem to the router/firewall.

    Although I might not be familiar with your IMAP server, these are probably the first questions I would ask, have answered, and then post about it.
  5. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Member

    Not sure how asking will fix the problem. As I said, my PC and my MAC are getting messages delivered straightaway. So if there was a problem on the server side, wouldn't my PC and MAC be experiencing delays also?
  6. schimm

    schimm Well-Known Member

    If your PC/Mac are downloading the imap messages they are in all likelihood not there anymore for any other of your mobile devices to access. I have a Charter account and I know when those messages are DL'd to my PC they disappear from my mobile devices.
  7. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Member

    I know what you mean schimm but I don't think IMAP works that way, messages kind of stay on the server till you delete them, no matter how many pc/devices are configured to download you email. Its a "poor man's exchange." POP is different again, you need to specify to keep mail on the server they won't be there any more. I had no issues on my last phone (HTC DesireHD) IMAP worked like a treat, no delays.
  8. schimm

    schimm Well-Known Member

    Well.... that's how it works for me. My primary email account is supplied by my provider which is Charter. When I'm on my PC and check my messages, they are gone from the server, on to Outlook, and off my Rezound and iPad. Then again, it may be how I have Outlook configured. I'm not an imap expert. :p
  9. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    This is exactly why I asked the questions. Every client is different and MANY imap servers do not conform to RFC's. IIRC, but maybe not now, MS and Yahoo did their own implementations, and did NOT conform to these RFC's for 4.0 imap.

    IMAP is a standard, you can google that RFC and be bored as heck reading it. However the implementation of IMAP may not be a standard with your provider.

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