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Galaxy Nexus Preorders?

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  1. newuser1

    newuser1 Active Member

    Looks like they're up for reserve on Rogers system for the January release.

    Just not sure if it's the 16gb or 32gb, or if it will be LTE or not, or the price, etc.
    Too many questions, need some answers! :p

    You'd think with the new LTE network that they'd want that version, but who knows. I don't even have coverage in my area yet.

  2. outcastrc

    outcastrc Well-Known Member

    Not doing it until I see some specs.
  3. vikingisson

    vikingisson Well-Known Member

    You want to pay extra for LTE? Having it on the device is fine but not if it comes with an extra monthly fee. No thanks, it's all too expensive to use already.

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