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Galaxy Nexus Roaming - Possible Problem?Support

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  1. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

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    [​IMG] Galaxy Nexus Roaming - Possible Problem
    Hi All,

    I live in Kansas where in a lot of places service can be poor or not existent. While visiting my family and my girlfriends family over Christmas, who live in two different areas in Southeast Kansas, where both phone(making calls) and 4g/3g/1x data signal do not exist from Verizon. US Cellular is the main carrier for service in both areas with great coverage and I noticed that my new galaxy nexus did not automatically connect to the US Cellular network in either location for roaming. I was left with no connectivity at all for the entire weekend :D . I also have three LG Envy 3's that will not roam either.

    My question is there a reason why my galaxy nexus did not automatically connect to the US Cellular network to roam?

    Also is there a way to force my phone to connect to US Cellular when I am in these dead zones for Verizon?

    Thanks in advance?

    As a side note I have the Data Roaming checked in the Mobile Network Settings and I have the System Select set to Automatic.

    I was also an Alltel customer that was converted to Verizon, but when I got my Motorola Droid in December 2009 we were required to change our family plan to the Verizon Wireless 700 minute plan.

    PRL on my Galaxy Nexus is 15098.

    PRL on the three LG Envy 3's is 52642. These three phones are all up to the latest version using the *228.

  2. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    I ran into a similar situation as this recently when I was on my Thunderbolt. Strangely, data roaming set to on would let me use the data side, but for calls/texts, I had nothing. The 4 basic Verizon Phones we had among us worked fine. I called Tech Support about it, and was basically told that different phones have different capabilities when it comes to extended areas, and they really didn't know why it wouldn't switch over. I assume the same with the Gnex.

    I never found a solution, but it would definitely be a good one to have if anyone gets anywhere with it.
  3. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    Well I broke down and called Verizon Wireless technical support today.

    The tech that I spoke with checked the two areas that I go to and confirmed that Verizon is mostly non existent. He then went on to say that the phone should roam in both areas and he did not have any answer as to why it was not roaming.

    His solution to my problem was to purchase a prepaid US Cellular phone and forward my calls to it when I am in these areas. I must admit that it is a solution, but what an asinine thing for a Verizon employee to tell a subscriber. He also stated that Verizon just needs to add more towers in the area, which I can almost guarantee will never happen.

    So as of now I am still at a loss as to why my phone is not roaming in these areas.
  4. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can think of, is perhaps US Cellular just isn't for some reason recognizing the 4G devices on their network as authenticated for calling. Though it didn't explain why my data roaming worked. The tech when I called was stumped too. They did say that whenever it happened, to call in to customer service as soon as I could to report it, but that doesn't really help. My guess is that it's more on the US Cellular end in regards to how it handles VZWs 4G devices, but really, that would be something that USC and VZW would really need to get together and hash out, and...I think the odds of that are slim...
  5. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    I like the logic, but I also have three lg evny 3 phone on my family share plan and they are not roaming either and they are just feature/texting phones.

    Your not by chance a former Alltel customer converted to Verizon Wireless are you? I am, but was moved to the Nationwide 700 minute plan when I go my first OG Droid.
  6. mistermojorizi

    mistermojorizi Well-Known Member

    this may be a longshot, but in the dumbphone days, i'd ask what prl # does your phone have as the prl (used to?) determine roaming capabilities.

    i don't remember how, but i rigged one of my old phones to automatically switch to sprint when i was in my underground garage because i wouldn't get reception on verizon but I would on sprint.
  7. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    PRL on my Galaxy Nexus is 15098.

    PRL on the three LG Envy 3's is 52642. These three phones are all up to the latest version using the *228.

    From what I have read you can not update 4g phones using *228. To do this it is necessary to pull battery and sim card and that should update it if necessary.
  8. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    I'm not, this was a new Verizon line from day one. I know that my mom, grandmother, and sisters phones (all basic phones) worked just fine, whereas mine wouldn't. It's the only thing that made me think that it's something with the Verizon 4G phones and USC not working right, since all the others seemed to work just fine. But in your case, those aren't, so that stumps me. (In honesty, I can't remember the carrier I was "roaming" off of at the time)
  9. Zaev

    Zaev Active Member

    My GNex has PRL#52642, I got it updated to that by dialing *22899.
  10. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    Does anybody know if the roam control 2.2 app will work with the Galaxy Nexus?
  11. willstilson

    willstilson Member

    Mine is on the same PRL and I got it by adding *22899 as a contact, and dialing that contact. OP, try that and see if it makes a difference. I'm curious to know if it does.
  12. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    I was persistent with Verizon tech support and finally got a tech that would give me so info.

    Apparently, Verizon does not have a roaming agreement with US Cellular in the area. The map for voice also shows the area as almost completely covered with digital coverage, which is a major inaccuracy. I am working with another Verizon support member to hopefully get the map updated.
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  13. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    I'll have the chance to test this again on my end with my Nexus, as I'll be heading out to my brother's place again next weekend for a party. So, the same place I had issues with my TBolt not working for voice/text, I'll have the Nexus. I'll post back when I get back, just to see if any progress has been made out there. I can't remember if it's a US Cellular area, or another, but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that maybe something has been updated. We'll see.
  14. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    I was actually back in the affected area yesterday and it did not roam. Oddly it kept trying to dial *22899 on its own without me doing anything and it finally connected and got through when I entered an area with a little verizon service. I will be back there Friday and Sat. So I will find out if the prl update it did itsself helps or not.

    As a side note, while I was in the area where it would not roam and it was automatically dialing it for me; it was connecting to the US Cellular roaming update prompt, but naturally it would not update because it that's not my carrier.

    It was able to access that, I just wish it would roam.

    Ill be curious to find out what happened with yours.
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  15. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    I can confirm Data Roaming does not work properly.

    I switched on Data Roaming for the first time and I was switched from LTE to 3g.

    I turned off Data Roaming and instantly connected back to LTE.
  16. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    Well, I was back in the area for three days without any service.

    One time I got a little R by my signal meter for about 30 seconds, but I tried the data and the talk and it neither worked.

    I also got a 1x symbol one time for a couple of minutes and the data was very slow as it should be. It looks like it had good signal.

    This is the first time I have got either of the symbols.

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  17. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    Well, for my side....no change. I actually took a different route, and it was even worse than last time. Just for reference, we're talking traveling from the Binghamton, NY area, to just outside Milford, PA. The last time I went down, I took Route 81 south to Scranton, then 84 East. Service was fine until approximately a half hour from Milford on 84. THIS time, I took 191, and 6, etc, from the NY border, a straight shot down through lesser areas. And I lost phone and text service damn near as soon as I hit PA. Never regained it until coming back (I took the 84/81 route), again, about a half hour onto 84, then my phone lit up like a christmas tree.

    However, Data still worked. I was able to sit on Facebook messenger app, and browse, and anything ELSE data related. But calls would not work, nor would texts. It's a little disheartening, since I thought the last time, that it was just that immediate area surrounding Milford. Turns out, it's a LOT larger of an area now.

    And, just like last time, it's only the 4G phone that's affected. Everyone else with both 3G smartphones, and Basic Phones, had no interruption of service. So, now with a much-larger frame, I'll be contacting tech support yet again, if for nothing else, to keep them updated that while 4G is great, there are major gaps where suddenly 4G users simply can't use their phones.

    I'll also add, that my phone DID try a *22899, failed, and then gave me my activation screen. I also do have data roaming checked, though I'm sure that's why I was able to still get data. Had it not been checked, it probably would've failed that too. I was also set to CDMA only, (have been since day 1), so it wouldn't have been a 4G handoff issue. Plus, that route down that I took doesn't hit any 4G areas anyway.

    Frustrating, especially when a POS tracfone sitting next to me can call out all day long. I mean, I'm all for latest and greatest, and I know it's not really Verizon's fault so much as I think it's that other carrier in the area, but I'm glad I didn't break down anywhere. I don't think I can get a hold of roadside assistance via facebook...
  18. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    I came back to this thread to revisit, and even now, another thing hit me. But, anyway:

    So I went to my brother's again this past weekend, and...what to my wonderment, but three miles before his driveway, my phone rings. I answered it, was fine. I then got a text message (ironically, from my mom, from HIS house, asking how far out I was).

    Short version, is my phone finally worked at his house. FINALLY. Now, before I get TOO excited about it, I'll add this bit: I did root my phone not too long ago, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but for those who have had "roaming" issues, keep an eye on whether or not they work for you. If it was a change in agreements or whatever, it would've been within the last few months, as I was down there helping fix a broken wall not too long ago, and still had issues.
  19. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    Glad to hear they finally got it improved in that area.

    The latest from my area, they are running a huge fiber optic cable between two towers and that is supposed to help out. Unfortunately I don't think connecting the towers together is going to cover much more than it does now. Most likely just give the people who are only getting one bar, will now get two to three +. My parents live less than a mile the way a bird files and at best I can only get one bar.

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