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  1. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Hey now! I am far from a drama queen!! :p

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  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    OK, I definitely need a zip:D but I'll send a PM with my email. I'm pretty tolerant to changes. I'll test for you. I'm currently running Lean Kernel 1.10. Can you let me know what the changes in this kernel are?
  3. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Liessss haha *hugs*
  4. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I sent you a pm but I am not going to spill the beans on changes just yet
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  5. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Hey all missed y'all. Work has finally picked up (thank the good Lord) although I'm missing my GN fix and friends! I have a lot of flashing to do this wknd..

    Hows that kernel coming blkbelt?

    BB's *hugs*..... awe hell, hug you all :D

    edit: and congrats stiggy!
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  6. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Well-Known Member

    Hey all, I think I figured out all the issues people have been having with the Gnex, mostly the radio and call issues people have complained about as well as the screen banding.

    If you flip your phone around, looking at the back, you will see "Verizon" and "4G LTE"

    Yup, there is your problem. I guess people who complained about those logos where right all the long. Not a "true" nexus device. The logos are there to prevent the phone from working right


    Okay, I probably need to go to bed :)
  7. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    One good chuckle before I go to bed. Thanks
  8. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Maybe 70% Ish I got touch to work now (I think lol) and now I get to add the meat and potatoes and she how she works
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  9. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Good night my nexican family
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  10. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Guess I'll be the first one: Morning Nexicans!
    The Prime has been awesome in the first night. Some issues with Netflix (did a factory reset, and now it works). Didn't sync any apps when I logged in? Just glad that out of the box, it has no problems with wifi tether (my Flyer and 10.1 needed some tweaks).

    Nexus is working beautifully since I updated to AOKP 25 and the latest Franco kernel. Battery life is still atrocious, but I haven't taken too many steps to help it out (I'll probably give Juice Defender a shot tomorrow).
    Hope everyone is on the mend and getting over their illnesses. Have a great day y'all!
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  11. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Well-Known Member

    Good morning Nexaholics! My 2nd replacement Nexus will be here today. Hopefully no screen "freak out", reddish tint, or one-way audio issues. :D I'm also hoping to get a job offer from a company I used to work for (my last day here is still March 16th). Finally, I have an interview with the bank that has purchased my current employer at 3:00 PM. I am excited as this is the 2nd interview and I made the first round of cuts. Keeping my fingers crossed for a GREAT day!
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  12. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Good luck with the interview.:)
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  13. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Good morning Nexi peoples!

    Already Wednesday - I sure do love short weeks at work.

    If anyone isn't on reddit I would highly recommend checking it out. There are some awesome Android/Google subreddits on there with great content and more places to help people - check it out!

    Android Questions
    Developing Android Apps
    Android Apps

    Good luck with all of that! Fingers crossed for you.
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  14. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    So I finally went to bed after midnight last night as I was having a nice PM conversation with a mod over a post I reported (I was just trying to learn a little as sometimes people go astray even though they are trying to help;)).

    Anyway, bed at 12:15. Asleep when my head hit the pillow. At 1:00 AM I get the notification sound double tap(simultaneous email and phandroid PM notifications) and woke from a sound sleep to answer:D. Now I was in my bedroom, sound asleep, and my phone was charging on the kitchen counter:eek:.

    I guess I'm an addict now:D.
  15. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

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  16. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for your help and trying to understand! You are correct on the setup. No, the wireless is still off, and my phone IS connecting to the correct SSID (the other one doesn't even show.)

    Disregarding my setup....I'd simply like to know how to get my phone to connect via a static IP. Has anyone done that yet? If I can get that, I can take it from there. I just don't know what's preventing my phone from letting me push the silly little "connect"

    Thanks again for the help!
  17. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    Good luck with both of those! Let us know how it goes.

    I'm glad you're insisting on another GNex. I think they are well worth it. I say that after my replacement arrived, but I felt that way before I got it...these are simply great phones! I went through no less than 5 DX's before I got the one I kept. (actually, 4, as 1 never arrived.) I just sold my DX on Swappa, and just heard this morning from the buyer - he and his wife are THRILLED with it! I feel like we're all riding off into the sunset.
  18. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    Here's a pic I took recently with my GN. It was late evening, and it was pretty dark, actually. It is SO nice to have this with me all the time to snap shots like this.

  19. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Nice shot NC!

    BTW anyone seeing 4G outage this morning? Seems to be making the rounds to all Android blogs this morning. I have been on 3G this morning so haven't seen anything, but wondering if anyone experiencing it.
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  20. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Yeah, hit the new post's link and there is a thread in every Verizon phone forum about this:D. Reportedly a nationwide 3g/4g data outage again. I am still OK here in MA (3G only area) though.:)
  21. ryancmatchett

    ryancmatchett VIP Member VIP Member

    Supposedly nationwide, but I am in Santa Barbara, CA...and I have 4g at 85dbm at the appears to be working for me....

    Edit: spoke too soon. As soon as I wrote that, my 4g died. Gonna be a long day if that does not come back on. Jeez....VZW!!!!
  22. tluley51

    tluley51 Well-Known Member

    Still up here in Greenville, SC. Weird.
  23. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Yeah, me too...:( five minutes after my post, data gone. On an unrelated note, has anyone noticed Verizon doesn't run that "America's most reliable network" tagline anymore:D
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  24. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Morning all! I have 3g here so far. Fingers crossed that I keep it.
  25. DarthSilentBob

    DarthSilentBob VIP Member VIP Member

    Mine was out this morning in Kansas, but it's back again. At least for now.
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