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  1. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Happy 10K!!!!!

  2. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Woot woot, 10k!

    This is exciting. You all rock!
  3. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    Dammit! I wanted to ninja 10,000 so badly, but my stupid boss called me in to ask me whether Terra Nova was cancelled or not!!


  4. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Post count at 10,000
    1. BabyBlues 1,431
    2. jbdan 789
    3. RazorSharp 434
    4. svt_gEEk 416
    5. Stigy 403
    6. dreadnatty08 373
    7. HanSolo 336
    8. AntimonyER 324
    9. pupkact 307
    10. halon 282
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  5. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Yeah, I was waiting......you were the one I figured would if it was gonna happen (or Steven). :D
  6. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I'm a Bruins fan, hoping they seal the deal again this year.

    And high fives to all for 10K. I think I can now claim that I have been here for more than half the threads life (in posts anyway).:)
  7. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    So sad that it was Canceled. BRING IT BACK FOX! :(
  8. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    Fox is a hive of bumbling morons. They put their best show, Fringe, on Fridays to die a slow death, and now it will be a miracle if it comes back for even a shortened final season.

    Terra Nova was expensive to make, yes, but they did make money off of it. Now Netflix might take it on at a reduced licensing fee, but it'd doubtful.

    They don't support their best shows but push their crappy ones (Raising Hope, when-will-it-finally-die Simpsons, and Glee).

    They're almost, almost, as dumb as NBC.
  9. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    I have no idea how Raising Hope stays on the air. Horrible show. Never seen a single episode of the Simpsons and I don't feel like I've missed anything either. Glee...well, I stopped watching it after they started pushing their homosexuality agenda. If that's the path you take in life, that's fine (well, not really but it isn't my place to judge) and I won't think less of you at all. I have good friends that are homosexual. However, don't push it on a show that a lot of kids watch to make it look cool. Same with Pretty Little Liars on ABC "Family".


    Speaking of NBC and canceling shows that they shouldn't....whatever happened to Outsourced and why isn't the Playboy Club still on air. Actually enjoyed both of those.
  10. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Congrats on 10K everyone! And especially you BB!
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  11. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    Man, I cannot agree more. I can't stand Glee. As far as the homosexuality thing goes, I refuse to judge anyone for their paths in life; I'm not the one who sets any standards for human behavior. But I don't like how people who express views against homosexuality are termed as "haters" or on the same level as a racist or something. If you want one group of people to have free expression, why can't another? Sheesh.

    Outsourced was pretty good. I think they were stupid to put Community, one of their best shows, on hiatus for 30 Rock, a show that once was funny but is now stupid.

    You're not missing anything with the Simpsons. It was funny for about 10 years. Now it's just tired and boring.
  12. quiklives

    quiklives Well-Known Member

    Well on that note, can anyone tell me how to get this thread to stop showing up in tapatalk under participated? Can I block it or delete it somehow? I'd hate to push my homosexual agenda here where there might be kids (nevermind that if those kids are gay, they're already gay, and a show like Glee or a few positive role models might save their lives).
  13. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    If you no longer want to be subscribed you can long press on the thread from the list and a menu will pop up with an option to unsubscribe.
    I do hope you stay though as the points above are just expressing opinions and are not attacks or put downs.
  14. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    So....10k.....uhr --> amazing! Grats all and BB's most of all :)

    Let's boogie

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  15. quiklives

    quiklives Well-Known Member

    I don't want to derail this thread into an argument about homosexuality, religion, nature vs nurture, etc, and the only way I know to avoid doing that is to leave. It's opinion to them, but it's survival to me. People who don't believe homophobia is as bad as racism, people who think that it's a choice, that there is a "homosexual agenda" or that it's even possible to change someone (in either direction) are the reason that kids are dying. They're the reason I almost didn't survive high school - and I don't mean by my own hand. They're the reason I still carry scars 15 years later, and I'm talking about the physical scars.

    So it's really just best if I go. And try not to participate in other threads with the people who exprss these opinions. It's sad, really, as I have really been enjoying these forums, and I suspect I will enjoy them less now.
  16. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Would hate to see you leave us. I've enjoyed your presence both here and in the r00t section.

    We all have choices and we make them as we see fit. What others do or say is up to them, uncontrollable, and will always have consequences. However, your reaction to it IS controllable. That is where you can shine :D I'd like you to stick around if it matters.
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  17. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    I just hope Touch stays on and doesn't get cancelled. Loving it so far.
  18. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    +1 love Jack Bauer :D
  19. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Sorry I offended you. I have nothing against that community, it's a personal conviction based on Biblical principles that it is wrong. However, no more wrong than lying, stealing, cursing, watching pornography, etc. I just get tired of seeing agendas promoted on mass TV period. It's a TV show made for entertainment, not to push a political agenda. I feel it's inappropriate for children to watch something that is designed by adults to make certain choices OK or seem cool. I also have a problem with TV shows promoting pre-marital sex and drug/alcohol use, especially the ones that involve teens. If it's adults, it's a different story, but teens are very much influenced by what they see on TV, especially if it's other teens doing the influencing.

    That being said, I really would hate to see you go. Definitely didn't mean to say anything to run anyone off.
  20. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    My thoughts exactly -- it didn't take as long as I thought to get used to him not as Jack.

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  21. quiklives

    quiklives Well-Known Member

    OK, this is exactly my point. Your Biblical principles don't get to define how anyone else lives. Being gay is not a choice or a behavior, and certainly cannot be equated with drinking, smoking, lying, cheating and so on, and the fact that you can't see that makes me doubt what little faith in humanity I actually have. And then to turn around and tell me that you consider me to be equivalent to someone who lies cheats steals uses drugs and tries to promote those things to children while also saying you didn't t mean to offend me and don't want me to go makes you the worst kind of hypocrite.

    Now does everyone see why it's best if I just go? I shouldn't have even commented, i was just trying to figure out how to get the thread out of my participated tab.
  22. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    I agree completely. My points of view are also based on Biblical principles (I was never a religious person, but I have recently begun delving a bit deeper as my wife is studying the Bible, and I like what I am learning.) I also don't like shows that glorify adultery or teen sex. I think it's okay to not approve of certain lifestyles and still not hate the person.
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  23. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the Ten K all!!! Busy morning, it's going to take me a few to catch up on today's chatter.
  24. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    Ha ha, Copacetic. Might want to skip the last page.
  25. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    Yeah. How quickly did we go from YAY! 10,000! to arguing. :(

    Still undecided about Touch. I will keep watching it.

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