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  1. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Decided that I am going to start helping in the general Android Lounge threads when I have some downtime at work. It was nice when people helped me when I had questions so I figured I could give some back. Gonna do some looking for some other sections where I could provide help too.

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  2. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    You can always check the unanswered threads as well. Lots of stuff in there at any given time.
    And thanks, I'm sure many will benefit from your decision
  3. HanSolo

    HanSolo Well-Known Member

    Right, but I hadn't watched last week's.

    It's more than her being helpless/damsel in distress. She is so self-righteous and yet does terrible things, and then cries when someone wants to call her on it.

    I just hate her.

    There, I said it. I hate her. I hope she dies.

    In other news, it's a beautiful day in Chicago today! :)
  4. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    You made me lol for real.
    I do want to smack the crap out of her but no, don't hate her. I think too many women identify with her on some level to completely hate her. But that's my take on it, I have been known to be totally off base before.

    Its gorgeous here today, except for the wind.
  5. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    finally getting my nexus screen replaced! been broken for about a month and been too lazy to get it repaired through samsung. been to long going from nexus to D1 again
  6. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    Hey Chief, check your bedside charger, I have multiple chargers at my house and one of them stopped working.
  7. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Wow - I'm not sure I could have waited that long.
  8. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    worst part of it all. this D1 refuses to root. even after multiple SBF's :( i've never had to use stock android this long, i'm dying inside :p
  9. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    My sincere sympathies. I have to fix phones in my house and troubleshoot for family so I feel your pain on stock and how different it is when you're used to playing.
  10. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    You must try SPAM, there are entire cook books for SPAM alone.

    Exactly what BB said. I finally made my out of my device forum when my wife's phone had problems. I saw users in the Rhyme forum that had general android questions and I was able to help. Then I started using the Unanswered Threads link, which brought me all over the forums and into device areas where I otherwise wouldn't have wandered.

    You can always find someone with a notification issue, a questions about why they should root, where can they get ringtones, etc.

    You also do development as well, do you float around in the Applications Development forum? I would imagine you could pass forward some insight in there as well.
  11. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    Nice pic Stigy!

    Happy Monday Nexians! It looks like everyone successfully survived the holiday weekend.
  12. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

  13. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

    Facebook bought Instagram.
  14. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    I'm shocked. I thought "Patience" was your middle name.
  15. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

  16. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

  17. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

  18. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

  19. IHateMyTreo

    IHateMyTreo Well-Known Member

  20. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    BTW here is the text from Zuck:

  21. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Well now I'm really glad I never got into instagram.
  22. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    My middle name is quite long however I don't believe patience is among the names. ;)
  23. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Well, there goes Instagram. Goodbye. It was a fun week.
  24. redraptor

    redraptor Well-Known Member

    Yeah tell me about it. I ADORE the app and have an unhealthy relationship to Instagram. Now it just seems like they sold out. Although there is a small part of me that is hoping things will go relatively unchanged. Im not holding my breath though.
  25. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

    Use PICPLZ.


    Need to keep it cold? Frozen head.

    Japan only, for now.

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