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  1. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    What do you folks think of the "tiny houses"? Honestly, I'm quite the minimalist (aside from all my gadgets) and could certainly live by on very little. Wife would have none of it as her clothing collection is insane! :eek: Would be nice though once you're older and really need next to nothing.
    Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - Tumbleweed Houses

  2. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! It's like a little cottage :) Wonder how much those cost?
  3. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    That would be my assumption as well, but hard to say; that's why i wanted to see what everyone else is on and if it has changed any performance issues with signal strength.

    Here is where we are now with
    Running list of PRL's:
    52686 Copacetic, Chief, Ryan, Svt_geek
    15098 JMar
    15109 Anti, Capt.
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  4. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Good morning all - my PRL is 15109 for those keeping track.

    gummyNex 1.0 became available tonight - might flash at work if I get some downtime, but I don't want to bootloop in the office because that wouldn't be too good although I could always take a nandroid to get back just in case. Also waiting on the changelog from kejar so I know exactly what has changed.

    Working on some scripting at work today and then finishing up prep work on my wheels for paint this weekend. So excited!
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  5. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    Here is what I found on the Website "The roaming zone"
    Note: Verizon issues several PRL's with each revision, and the one you receive depends on your plan, phone model and location. The order of roaming partners among all PRL's issued on the same date is virtually identical. PRL's in the '65000' range are generally sent to former Alltel customers who have kept their old Alltel plan.

    March 15, 2012: 52686 - 52707 and others

    December 8, 2011: 52631 - 52644 and others

    November 10, 2011 (52608 - 52629 and others)

    October 20, 2011 (Includes 52549 - 52559 and others)

    September 21, 2011 (Includes 52501 - 52526 and others)
    52501 Nationwide/AC II EVDO

    September 15, 2011 (Includes 52418 - 52440 and others)
    52418 Nationwide/AC II EVDO

    June 17, 2011 (Includes 52341 - 52367 and others)
    65225 - 65226 Hybrid (ex-Alltel areas)

    April 28, 2011 (Includes 52297 - 52299)
    52299 Nationwide/AC II EVDO
    Changes with PRL 52299

    March 17, 2011 (Includes 52257 - 52280):
    52257 Nationwide/AC II EVDO

    January 28, 2011 (Includes 52219 - 52220)

    Dec. 3, 2010 (includes 52123 - 52189) Some customers report getting one PRL, then are upgraded to another a few days later.

    Nov. 6, 2010 (includes 52078 - 52105)
    52105 Nationwide/AC II EVDO
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  6. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you're the one who brought up performance issues. If I had used that phrase there's no telling how the Girl Guide would have responded.
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  7. AndroiDad75

    AndroiDad75 Well-Known Member

    Prl = 15109
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  8. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    15109 here
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  9. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    Running list of PRL's:
    52686 Copacetic, Chief, Ryan, Svt_geek
    15098 JMar
    15109 Anti, Capt., Stigy, rhmclay,dreadnatty
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  10. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    Now, now captain, are you pointing a finger at our beloved BB?
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  11. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Depending on size, from $13K-$25K. Check the website. They sell plans alone, but also offer to build them for you. It's a nice deal for an "entire" house ;):)
  12. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    Since I can't respond with a PG13 response I'll not say anything at all. :D

    On that note, I'm off to bed. I apologize for sleeping while most of you are working, but since most of you were sleeping while I was working I guess it's okay.
  13. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I do believe he was. Especially since it was determined yesterday that I am the only girl guide right now. :p

    Sleep well!
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  14. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Good morning all. I had to stop at CVS this morning to attempt some self medicating. My sinuses have kicked my arse the past couple days and I can't try to wait it out anymore. Got sinus headache pills and a nasal spray. I know some of you swear by neti pots but I just can't do it. The nasal spray is much easier cause it is quick. Here's hoping it all works!
  15. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Neti pot solves all - you can do it!
  16. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    I am on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, so no mountains within 3 hours of me except the occasional Monteagle and Lookout Mountain. Up to 34 now, thankfully...

    May I recommend taking a Claritin (I use the pharmacy brand) with an Alka-Seltzer Plus. I think that stuff will cure just about anything :)
  17. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I've tried. Numerous times. The last two resulted in a not so pleasant time over the toilet. Its one of those things I can't seem to get past the gagging. (Yes, I'm well aware of ALL the comments that can be made :p)
    If this combo doesn't do it then that's next Chief. Thanks!
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  18. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    I feel you. It was another morning of getting up early since I couldn't breathe. An employee gave me what she claimed was a Zyrtek yesterday. Yeah, I know, don't except drugs/candy from strangers :rolleyes: but I was desperate. It honestly didn't do anything. I've used generic Claritan in the past but the dry mouth is just too much.
    Hope you feel better!
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  19. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    What's funny is that most of the time if ANYONE complains about sinuses then I am feeling it too, but today I am actually fine. *knocks on wood*

    So supposedly I need to step away from my desk to flash gummyNex 1.0 since it has a boot animation sound so be right back, going to flash this now that I have a nandroid and Titanium Backup done.
  20. jmar

    jmar Nexican VIP Member

    Hey y'all!

    It is my understanding that dialing *22899 is a great way to fry your LTE SIM. Can't remember where I read it but I know that I did. Anyone with any info on that?
  21. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Flashed gummyNex 1.0 - might dual boot (via Boot Manager with AOKP but we shall see). The boot animation is Nyan Cat with the music and it made me LOL. Restoring my apps with Titanium right now, but so far it seems snappy.

    I read the same thing over at XDA -- I won't *22899 my phone, but it seems that people above have had no problems doing so.
  22. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    PS sorry for the double post, but is anyone seeing better service on 4.0.4 based ROMs?

    I have 2-3 bars of 4G at my desk where I would normally see 0-1 bars of service. This is amazing!
  23. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    I saw a little improvement, but nothing major.
  24. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Not sure how dialing a number that programs the phone could fry a SIM card? I guess it's possible, probably play it safe and not do that anymore then.
  25. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    According to everything I read this am, that was a problem in the past, but no longer. Some of you will recall some phones were actually doing it on their own not but a month or so ago. Verizon says prls are pushed to our phones and we no longer need to force them to update. However they had me do the 22899 thing both when on the phone with them as well as in the store. So far I have not had any issue doing it other than getting to the latest prl..
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