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  1. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Well-Known Member

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  2. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    On the app it should be in your subscribed list and it will remember where you were. On the browser it will show as a little arrow next to the last poster's name. If you click that it brings you to the last post.
  3. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

    Guess so!

    Deodex is just a different way to package all the different apps included in the rom so making mods like we are is easy and doesn't require whole new roms and reloading of apps and such. When everything is odexed it really can be modified on the fly with a quick flash of a few files. Not sure on the specifics, but it's sorta a file format for the apps so they can be hacked and modified on the fly to tweak the launcher, soft buttons, and status bar and such as we are all doing.
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  4. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

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  5. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I think I need to stick to my day job. I flashed the soft key mod in this link:

    He said to just flash, no need to wipe anything, which is what I did.

    It rebooted after install, and the search button was there, but when I pressed on it, it did nothing.

    I tried pushing it in the market app, and it did go into search mode. But it didn't work anywhere else.

    In my browser, it suddenly rebooted by itself. Afterwards, it got all frakking laggy.

    I just restored again.

  6. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure when you flash the zip you can delete it unless you want it on there as a backup starting point.
  7. altimax98

    altimax98 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's about it. A Non-Deodex rom includes the apk with the XML and such and then there is a Odex file as well. Without having just the right setup it makes compiling very difficult. When you Deodex a from you Undo the Odex file and incorporate it into the actual apk file. To compile all you need is to decompile the apk with the framework built in and its easy to XML and smali/Java edit to your hearts content.

    Deodex makes themes a million times easier and faster to run.
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  8. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    The way I understand it is Deodexing breaks the OS and apps into piece parts, right down to the smallest component, and packages them together. For example, the battery icon. Deodexing makes it to where you can easily go in and replace all 5 or 6 of however many different states there are with different images and have custom battery icons. I know that's very high level overview and not getting into details, but pretty simple explanation in terms that most can understand.
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  9. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

    I have that rom and that mod and it worked so I guess it might be something with your Revolution ROM having some framework or other changes from stock that make that mod not work fully??

    BTW, I usually just run repackaged stock roms that aren't tweaked too much until a new google release and it's build are a bit better matured and understood to the point all these mods and tweaks work a bit more universally. Then go for the roms that have a lot of these tweaks build into the actual rom later.
  10. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member


    On my way to work, I stopped at CVS, grabbed a card for my lovely wife, went to the register, after the clerk rung up the card, I unlocked my phone with my face (clerk started oddly looking at me), then held the phone up to the terminal (now the clerk really thought I'd lost it), it asked for my PIN, entered that and paid for the card with Google Wallet. The clerk said "oh, that must be an iPhone". (#%@#%@#!%@#%$@#$) Got in my car, started Car Home Ultra (a nice car dock app), where I started Pandora and navigation to my office, and thought what a geek this phone has made me, but loved it nonetheless!

    On a side note, anyone else notice the number of apps that are updating the last couple of days? I can't help but think that some of those are due to ICS.
  11. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    You left out the part where you went bonkers on the poor clerk for mistaking your Nexus with an iPhone. Please tell me you didn't just stand there and take that without at least saying something.
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  12. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

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  13. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

    Another question for the Nexan's out there.

    Anyone else run into WiFi flakeyness of any sorts yet? On my home wifi I had trouble connecting to wifi once. It saw the router, but couldn't connect. I rebooted the router and all was fine. Later though I was trying to download something and noticed it was downloading REAL slow on the Nexus through WiFi and then tried downloading on my Laptop through the same connection and it went real fast. Haven't really noticed it enough to be concerned yet, but my Wifi reception shows pretty good when I am having the issues. Also haven't hooked into any other routers to see if they behave a bit better with my Nexus.
  14. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Well-Known Member

  15. brocktice

    brocktice Well-Known Member

    Just got my extended battery, chargin' it right up. What was the verdict on using the extended cover with the stock battery? Does it require a shim?
  16. jasaero

    jasaero Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried that yet. My guess is that the stock battery won't come out far enough to disconnect you, but something like the NFC stuffs might have issues as I have had to re-seat a battery to get that to work even with the correct cover. Don't think it would take more than some tissue or napkin to fill any gap that is there to be on the safe side yet and haven't had the battery get hot enough for that to seem dangerous yet.
  17. woodstorm

    woodstorm Well-Known Member

    Incipio case is the hands down winner in my book.
    Bonus: comes with a kickstand that works with the case in portrait or landscape.
  18. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Almost got ninja'd by Razor posting that DL article.

    What does everyone here do for work (or student)? Just curious to see if relates to time spent on here.

    I am a 23 year old college graduate (May 2011) working at UBS doing Business Intelligence Administration for our reporting applications.
  19. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    LOL...well, I need to ask the Lord for forgiveness, for my thoughts. :)

    Actually, I told her the iPhone will be the LAST phone that'll get that capability! I told her this is an Android phone...the arch enemy of the She probably thinks I'm totally nuts now, but oh well!
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  20. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    So... what's shakin' bros and sisses?
  21. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Well-Known Member

    Gah, so close. :p
    I'm 24, I'm in administrative support at an intellectual property law firm in downtown Boston.

    Also, reviews for many different types for the Nexus:
    15 Great Galaxy Nexus Cases | GottaBeMobile
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  22. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    27 years old. Electrical design engineer at a nuclear power plant. (government work) :)
  23. NCTurner

    NCTurner Well-Known Member

    I'm rooted/unlocked, but haven't really done anything else with my phone as far as mods requiring root. However, I do want to install the "system" version of Nova Launcher (I'm already using the app it pretty well.)

    How do I do that? I think I'm supposed to simply put the .apk file in the /system folder, but then what? Restart the phone with the volume buttons and power button depressed? If so, then what? help? Gotta admit I'm a noob when it comes to rooting, modding my phone (but this Nexus is too good to pass up on that!)
  24. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Congrats on graduation!

    I am 33. I have been with the same company for 14 years. I broker print orders for food labels. Its part customer service and part data entry. I also have a part time one or two nights a week doing accounts payable/receivable, payroll, invoicing for my mother's friend's family business.
  25. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Well-Known Member

    BB, I'm afraid to leave any of your posts on my screen where anyone can see. :p
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