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    Apr 5, 2011
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    I'm trying to establish whether this is the device for me. I'm finding that shop based sales staff only have a limited knowledge so I'm hoping to get some definitive answer here. I'm trying to find out:

    1. With S Pen is it viable for notes written into the application to be converted to text immediately when written at the same pace as with a paper and pen? I've seen demonstrations where the user writes two or three words into a separate panel and then clicks a button to convert to text, whereas I'd like to know if I can write a whole sentence, or even a paragraph which it will convert with reasonable accuracy into text - ie seemlessly

    2. Once an S Pen document (S Note) has been saved how can it be accessed by other devices eg Windows PC? Can the doc be saved in the cloud (Skydrive/ Dropbox) and accessed/edited?

    3. What are the practical options for sharing calendars between the Note and other devices (Windows PC - XP, 7, 8). Are there options in addition to Google? I'd like to avoid a physical link.

    4. Also what about Outlook contacts and tasks?

    5. Does S pen work with Evernote?


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