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  1. bjr222

    bjr222 New Member

    I once saw the gn2 smart dock on samsung accessories webpage but now I cannot seem to find it. I have their half off accessories promo code but can't find the product I want to use it on. Does anyone have a link PLEASE? Much thanks...

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Moved to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 section. :)
  3. Puppa

    Puppa Well-Known Member

  4. dirtbikerr450

    dirtbikerr450 Well-Known Member

  5. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    Showing back ordered and Amazon is showing 1-2 month wait.
  6. bjr222

    bjr222 New Member option to buy now and ship when available?
  7. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    frig how much?!?! Look on ebay - I got a wave type dock for a fraction of that - came from the US to UK in a little over a week.

    Theres loads of different types available. Thats stupid money.
  8. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    The smart dock is not just a dock. It also connects USB devices and HDMI out to TV. And it can mirror the Note II screen. I don't think it is worth $99 though, but it is ever back in stock and my 50% off coupon has not expired yet, I might get it.
  9. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Smart dock was worth the purchase. Only thing I don't like so far is transferring files to a connected drive is super slow and can't transfer large amounts of data all at once. I may just transfer backups on the PC, then re-connect the drive to the Smart dock after the fact, so I can just update added files (which won't take as long).
  10. McGyver9

    McGyver9 New Member

    I talked to Samsung accessories customer service about this a few days ago, and the girl assured me that when the dock comes in, that we would be able to use our coupon....expired or not...
    She had no idea when it would be in though...
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  11. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Nice. I may get another one.
  12. drucifer

    drucifer Member

    Or even IF it would be in, I'd wager. I've been waiting 8 weeks now has it been?
  13. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    3 months for me, since even before I actually got my phones...although, I did manage to buy from Best Buy, while they still had it in stock.
  14. JamboneMan

    JamboneMan Member

    I also talked to customer service and got the same response about the 50% off coupon. I bought the desktop dock for 50% off and it works well as a charger at night. One problem, I have not got the audio jack to output. The phone is not auto swiching sources I guess. Maybe there's an app for that, anyone, anyone?
  15. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

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  16. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    This is back in stock on the samsung website. Just saw it, but not sure how long it's been available. Hurry up and get one before they sell out again. I was on the verge of buying another, but decided not to. Just wish I wouldn't have used my Best Buy gift certificate. Oh well.
  17. drucifer

    drucifer Member

    I checked the Samsung website on the morning of the 2nd, I must have been too late :-(

    I checked this morning and it was in stock, so I've placed my order with them.

    For those of you waiting to use your 50% off coupons, I've actually done you a service! Now that I've paid full price it will soon be in-stock on Samsung's website, as if by magic! :-D
  18. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yup, you were too late. Look at the date/time that I posted. A few hours later, they were already sold out.

    I was impatient, so I had ordered through Best Buy using some certificates I had, but wished that I waited just a little longer to get it at 50% off. Oh well, it was still worth it.
  19. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones Member

    Have a question about the Smart dock.

    Is there a way to adjust the overscan? I've tried connecting to two different monitors (both made by Samsung, ironically), and the mirrored display is cut off on both monitors.

    Netflix also only displays in 4:3 while showing just fine on the Note 2. However, this is a different issue entirely...

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
  20. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Could be how the TV scales the signal coming from the phone. I hooked it up to a Samsung monitor and had to change the monitor's settings to have it mirror the Note screen properly.
  21. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones Member

    What monitor did you use? I'm using a Samsung 245BW, and I don't see any option to control scaling. Any option to adjust the display size gets grayed out when using an HDMI connection. This happens with the other two HDMI devices I've tried: the Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. However neither of those devices have their edges cut off.
  22. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    I have a Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM (1920x1200) 24" monitor. I think because of the aspect ratios being different between the devices and signal being fed that's causing the display issue. Our monitors are 16:10 and the Note 2 is 16:9. The image size on my monitor was set to wide and I had to manually select Auto for the Note screen to mirror the screen properly without being cut.

    I just wish there was a setting in the monitor to rotate the screen. Since I can physically switch/rotate the Samsung monitor between landscape/portrait mode. But would have preferred the Note to do landscape mode instead. I guess I'll have to try one of those rotating screen apps to see if they work.

    I'll have to test this later as I have an exam coming up next week. Then my practical exit exams in September that I have to constantly review and prepare for.
  23. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones Member

    *sigh* Damn aspect ratios.

    See that's the frustrating part. ANY other interface (VGA, DVI), I'm able to use the AUTO button on my monitor to correct the display. That option simply does not work with HDMI. It's weird. I'll try it again tonight and take pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. I'm hoping someone can help me with this, because this is the primary reason why I bought this expensive docking station.

    As for rotating the screen, yeah. That would be awesome. Could you imagine the display auto correcting when you rotate your monitor, the same way your display auto rotates when you rotate your phone?

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