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  1. Omar2012

    Omar2012 New Member

    Is there a problem with the new Galaxy Note 2 voicemail function? I've tried to access my voicemail by pressing the #1 key that has the tape symbol but it automatically ends the call without providing instructions on how to retrieve messages. Is this a fault with my specific phone or is there an obvious error in my approach? I recently switched from the iphone to Samsung and one of the great features on iphone was the easy access and logging of voicemail - does this exist on the Samsung?

  2. FuzzyMoose

    FuzzyMoose New Member

    Holding the #1 key dials giffgaff voicemail fine for me. You made sure you have saved your voicemail number properly?

    In "Call" then "Call Settings" then scroll down for the voicemail settings
  3. reburner

    reburner Member

    Mine works fine for O2 voicemail
  4. marlbororman

    marlbororman Well-Known Member

    mine works on three
  5. bayonet

    bayonet New Member

    I found an att app (my carrier) that does almost exactly what my iphone did. Your carrier may have an app too. Mine was not pre installed, so I had to search the play store. Hope that helps someone.

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