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  1. qendrimnote

    qendrimnote Member


    I have a problem. I have made an automatically update on my Galaxy Note 3 N900 model, and after that, i have lost my IMEI (it shows null/null) and i can't use my SIM card. I have tried a lot of things and nothing didn't work.

    Please reply if you know any solution!!!

    Best Regards

  2. Jammy2010

    Jammy2010 Well-Known Member

    hmmm strange, where did you buy the handset from?
  3. qendrimnote

    qendrimnote Member

    I bought my phone on a mobile store but i don't have any idea where did the store buy it... :{
  4. Jammy2010

    Jammy2010 Well-Known Member

    Only thing I can think of is the phone could of tampered by someone, was the box sealed when you bought it by any chance? what kind of mobile store you get it from?
  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    if it does not work then i would take it back.....not sure how you can receive an update and then losing your does not work that way.

    did you root the phone as suggested in your most recent thread?
  6. qendrimnote

    qendrimnote Member

    Yes i have root my phone and try some Backup&Recover imdi things but nothing works. After this i have lost my Wifi too.
  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    did you flash a rom or something before this happened? what exactly did you do? what guide did you use to root the phone? what carrier do you have?

    the more details we get, the better we can help you.
  8. dbc71

    dbc71 New Member

    Hello to all,

    I have the same problem, I've porches my N900 in a different country, once I've activated my device at home I was able to call out and receive calls and once an automatic update as accrued the device reset, after that I've receive a call once I answer that call the call was dropped and I could not receive or dial out any more.
    After a quick search I have notice that the device missing the IMEI.
    I've try upgrade from Gealy Been to kitkat 4.4.2, and the result are the same.
    the only solution that I've found to bring my device IMEI is to install a modem (a Russian version), but I'm receiving a message unlock sim code, and that code is not the one that I've receive from the store or the one that I've receive from samsung support.
    Can you please help me understand what is wrong with that phone, and how do I solve that.
  9. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator can't just loose your imei like that.

    is the phone rooted? can you call the store you bought it from? i can't help you too much as i only have had cdma phones here in the sim codes are a bit out of my league.
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  10. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Check and see if the IMEI number on your phone has been blacklisted first Black List Checker - If it has you've purchased a stolen or reported lost phone that was shipped to another country.
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  11. recDNA

    recDNA Well-Known Member

    What makes you think he KNOWS his IMEI?
  12. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    It would be on the sticker under the battery ;)
  13. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    We really need to know more to go on. :)

    Please type in *#1234# from your phone dialler and tell us exactly what it displays. It should be three lines displayed like this (the codes have been drawn over on this screenshot):


    Also from any home screen: left soft key>settings>general>about device (bottom option - you'll need to scroll down) and tell us your model number and the Android version you have. Finally, and perhaps most importantly have you ever tried or succeeded in rooting your device or used Odin on a Windows PC to either root or install a custom ROM ?

    I have an idea of what might have happened, but I need more information.
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  14. organic2

    organic2 New Member

    To Fix the NULL IMEI Problem only need flash this modem file with odin in modem (under down of pda)
    press the red botten to download
    دانلود فایل

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