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  1. sacentre

    sacentre Member

    Dear All

    I need to ask a really dumb question. Sorry for my ignorance.

    What settings do I need to disable in order to stop my Note from using 3G services?

    I've only had the phone for 3 weeks and it turns out I've racked up a big bill for data and whatever without realising it. As far as I know, I've used the GPS maps for no more than 45 minutes on buses and I only ever connect to the web via free Wi-Fi points or my home router but apparently, I've been using data services somehow without realizing it. Duh!

    When I was discussing my phone plan with staff at my local Teco, the salesgirl said, "So you want Wi-Fi only. No 3G?" and I said "Yes".

    Apparently, the plan I've bought IS a 3G plan and the phones been using the 3G network a lot. I don't know what services it's been using. I only want a phone for calls, sms and internet connection via my home router or free Wi-Fi points.

    I'd be grateful for some help. Thanks in advance.


  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    If you are using Google Maps, you are using data to cache the map itself, as well as updating any Layers.

    To disable 3G data access, you can either:

    -Delete some/all of the carrier's APN info
    -Enable Airplane mode, and activate wifi when needed, leaving Airplane mode active
    -Disable Mobile Network Data
  3. sacentre

    sacentre Member

    Thank you for the reply. Very helpful. I never thought of Flight Mode having never used a mobile phone for any reason on a plane. I usually just switch off. That works fine.

    I'm afraid I don't know how to Disable Mobile Network Data or how to Delete some/all of the carrier's APN.

    Would you mind telling me the specific settings for doing those?

    One last question, what happens if I have 3G services off but just enable GPS and try to use Maps? Will this work or do I then need to be connected to a Wi-Fi access point?

    Sorry. I didn't think I was such a newbe with smart phones. I'm just finding out about this stuff. I bought the phone mainly for the big screen.


  4. chaitanyamella

    chaitanyamella New Member

    Long press the power button. The third option if for disabling data network
  5. yudh

    yudh Member

    hey.. no need to delete the apn... its one of the main parameter to connected to your gsm/umts network, either 2G or 3G

    if you want to disable the 3g network but still having internet access, just do the following :
    - switch to 2G mode (edge) by going to setting > wireless and network > mobile network > network mode > gsm only
    - turn off the data network by going to setting > wireless and network > mobile network > unchecklist the use packet data, then turn on the wifi connection. so you still reachable by phone if somone wants to call you

    enabling the gps requires amount of bandwitdh which is drain from the internet connection, so you need either the wifi or 3G/2G enabled.


  6. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    The OP is trying to prevent the phone from using the carrier's data network at all, in order to prevent exceeding the limited data cap. While it is not necessary, deleting the APN information will achieve this, and still allow cellular calls. However given that the user has no idea on how to stop carrier data, this is a viable, "easy to implement" option.

    Enabling GPS has "nothing" to do with using data, "if" the map info is stored on the device (e.g. Navigon, Sygic software, etc). This applies to Google Maps as well, given that recent versions have allowed for the caching of map info.
  7. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    you ca download "data enabler widget" from the market. put the widget in one of your screen so that when you need an internet connection, you just turn it on and off when you don't need it. you can still make an receive calls. i also found that my battery lasts longer when data enabler is turned off.
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  8. sacentre

    sacentre Member

    Many thanks for the help on this. I have it under control now.

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