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  1. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member

    Hi all,

    I am completely new to android based phones and was recently given as a gift a Galaxy Note :)
    The phone was purchased for me by my in-laws who are based in Beijing and although having played around with it for a few days it seems to be working ok.
    There are obviously China Mobile specific apps on there which are redundant but I just wanted to ask the question whether or not I should be aware of anything else that might cause me issues due to it being a phone from another country (China is this case).
    Btw I am based in the UK.



  2. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member


    Now that I know a little more about android and the fact a colleague at work has a UK Galaxy Note I can see the differences. One major one was the absence of Android Market app on the device.
    Can anyone advise the best way to get this loaded on the device?
    I have setup the phone with a giffgaff sim and all seems well enough. I did have like many people it seems a few issues with the kies software and USB connection but that is all working now.
    Would certainly like to hear from other people out there who also have a phone brought in from China or the far east to see how they are getting on?

  3. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

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  4. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member

    Thanks for the Google Play download - problem is once I run it it comes up with 'You must add an account to the device to continue ..' I click Yes and the program just terminates. Searching around I see this problem a lot with people who have rooted their phones which is something I have not done but maybe because it's from China it has some restriction??. Btw Is this the only way I can get my Google Play account linked to the device?

    I would certainly like to get in touch with people who have a Galaxy Note from China as I trying to work out whether or not I will be able to connect at 3G speeds with a phone designed for the TD-SCDMA air interface in China. At the moment I can only get Edge connections on giffgaff.


  5. animeware

    animeware Well-Known Member

    We need more details please!!!

    Are you using the phone in the US?

    If you are I'll be glad to help you :)

    Sounds to me you got the Google Play Market on the Device Correct?

    Are you able to connect any Wi-Fi Hot Spots around your area to get internet access?
  6. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member


    I am using the phone in the United Kingdom.
    Google Play was not on the phone originally (possibly a ChinaMobile/Google licence thing, who knows??) Still trying to find other users of Chinese Galaxy Note phones in the UK.
    As I cannot login to Google Play on the device and I am unable to use the market - the app just bombs back to the homescreen just like what has been reported by people who have rooted their devices.
    As for the speed issue I am still trying to find out whether a phone for use on the Chinese mobile network would be able to use 3G infrastructure in the UK.


  7. roidroid

    roidroid Active Member

    Did you try adding your google account in the settings menu? Also, are you sure it's not a clone?
  8. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member


    I am unable to add my google account using the Gmail app - when I select it I get the following error flash on the screen very quickly:

    This account is not configured to sync automatically. Press Menu > refresh to sync mail once. Or press home and touch settings > accounts & sync and configure this account to sync mail automatically

    When I go to add an account the only options I have are: RenRen (from ChinaMobile), Microsoft Exchnage ActiveSync & Hotmail.

    Btw: The phone is certainly not a clone.

    If anyone is interested the phone model is: GT-I9228 running Android version 2.3.6.
    Kernel version is: se.infra@SEI-30 #2
    Build number is: GINGERBREAD.ZMLB3

  9. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member

  10. roidroid

    roidroid Active Member

    Didn't mean to offend with the clone remark. Just seemed weird that there wasn't a google account option in the phone. Out of curiosity, did you ever get that portion working? Is there maybe a root option for that model where you can flash cwm and a custom rom?
  11. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member


    In answer to your question - no I did not get the Google Play working on this phone. I have to use alternate sites to get apps or ask friends to download them for me - not a great situation but what can you do. Do not want to mess with the phone to uch as my knowledge of rooting phones etc is zero.
  12. roidroid

    roidroid Active Member

    That stinks. I've found and to be decent alternative markets.
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  13. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    If you have cool enough in laws they could return it or sell it in Beijing and get you a UK version. I personally wouldn't want to ask my in laws to do this but it'd be worth it to get better data speeds and the Play Store.

    If not you could very carefully follow some rooting directions online and flash a ROM that might allow for the Play Store to be installed. I don't know if that would help you get off of Edge though.
  14. conectme366

    conectme366 New Member

    Hi, that's exactly the problem i am facing too. Recently i got the same phone GT-I9228 and didn;t root the device yet.But i am still getting the same errors as you have mentioned above. Searching for the solution got me to your post. I got the phone from china mobile and using it in china.

    just fyi , problem: Not able to add a google account ( i was able to add google account through 'microsoft exchange' , my phone only have renren,microsoft exchange & facebook (eventhough facebook doesn;t work). I have installed google play 3.5.16 apk but it just terminates when i open it. Looking for solution, will update you if i find a solution. One more thing, i have noticed in some samsung shops in here that the galaxy phones like GT-I9228,GT-I9220 ... doesn;t have google icon on the "applications sync" option . Thanks, good day.
  15. suzukishek

    suzukishek New Member

    frist of all, you need to root your phone first, there are few methold:
    1) download "SuperOneClick" run it in your window computer, and click "root", wait for the programme to complete, your phone get rooted. (You can unroot it after install the google play)
    2) install "GoogleServicesFramework.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk, GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk, GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk, GooglePartnerSetup.apk, MarketUpdater.apk and also the Phonesky.apk"
    3) install "ES File Explorer.apk" and copy the file "" from the folder /data/app and paste it in the folder /system/app/ and rename the file name to "" (beware to change the write premission of the /system/app first)
    4) reboot your system and you should get it done
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  16. suzukishek

    suzukishek New Member

    if you are android 2.3.x user and if you know chinese you can try this method too:


    lastly install the market apk

    good luck!
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  17. AndroidTiger

    AndroidTiger Member

    Suzukishek - thank you and xie xie.

    I appreciate the information regarding rooting the phone - I may go down that path yet.
    For the moment I will try and use the alternate markets for the applications.
    That and the network speed have been causing me a few headaches - I am not a heavy user so has not been causing me to many issues.

    Thanks to all the other people who have contributed to this post.

  18. Neil123

    Neil123 Member

    The galaxy note phone is also made by china against Samsung Galaxy note original phone.
    China made a copy of this phone and sale out at cheap price.
  19. Gazman

    Gazman Member


    I just came across your post and am very interested. I am living in China and really want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note II but know from experience about having no Google account/play on Chinese phones.
    My plan was to buy the Note II in Singapore, but if this method really works it could be a good alternative!
    Would you recommend this on a brand new Chinese Note II or is it safer to buy in Singapore (I'm going there soon anyway).

  20. mimix1

    mimix1 New Member

    It is working,thank you very much! Great post.
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  21. Gazman

    Gazman Member


    I went ahead and bought a Galaxy Note II (GT-N7108 G3) on China Mobile. Will this method work? I really can't take any chances (or the wife will kill me!)
    I have looked at rooting and am a little scared especially knowing that in China, Android has been messed about with.
    Also, I couldn't find all the apk files listed and those I did find often had different versions on different sites. How can I be sure to get the right ones?
    Any help would be much appreciated!
  22. sfinney12

    sfinney12 New Member

    Hi all, I am new to this so please bear with me. I need some advice and hope someone can help me cause Im totally lost on what to do. I purchased a international galaxy note N7000(not a samsung, a knock off..has android branding on the back...i was aware of this when i bought it) it is a unlocked gsm phone that is compatible with the frequencies here in the U.S. however, i recieved the phone and I am not able to get the phone to connect to a mobile network here at all....I have put a verizon, at&t, and straight talk sim in the phone and it will not connect to a mobile network....ive tried to search for a network and it gives me a error that says"error searching for mobile network" every time and will not pick up. Also i noticed the phone is missing one of the settings...when I go to settings and wireless and networks to edit the settings, it does not have the allow data packet setting in it, its completely gone(im thinking maybe this is why its not connecting to a network)...when I go to the phone settings status says disconnected,...and will not let me connect to it or edit it to try to connect to a network...i was going to try to install a updated version of the firmware on the phone but cannot find any usb drivers for the phone since its a knock off. Any ideas...everything else wifi, bluetooth works great on the just not able to connect to any mobile network...please help...i really wanna use this phone, i paid $160 for the phone and the company i bought it from wants me to ship it back for a exchange but want to to pay over 100 bucks to ship it back and i refuse to pay that when its not my fault the phone isnt now they have agreed to only refund me 32.00 of the 160.00 i spent.....any ideas??????
  23. lalea878

    lalea878 New Member

    I was wondering if the chinese version of the note 3 will work in the US on verizon network?
  24. Codrin Antoniu

    Codrin Antoniu New Member

    Hello people. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002 dual sim from the Emirates and I am using it in Romania. My problem is I cannot use Google Play or any other Google app, I can't even log in with my Google account and it says: Google Play or Google Frame Works has stopped working. I have the latest ROM from China Unicom, I have already rooted my device. I put the Google apps in system/app and modified permissions accordingly. Can someone help me with a ROM that actually lets Google apps work?
    Thank you.

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