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Galaxy note - freezesSupport

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  1. Tonage

    Tonage New Member

    Hi all.

    I have a new frustrating problem. I have recently had my phone repaired from a brick by a profesional.

    It generally works although I have the following crashing/freezing:

    1. Installing/updating apps randomly causes freezing on phone.
    2. Uploading photos / music via kiess Air or via usb.
    3. Just random over time.

    I can leave my phone over night and it will crash. I need to hold down the power button to turn it off and reboot.

    It is running 4.0.3.

    I caNt determine exact cause of crashing.

  2. Raj Sekhar

    Raj Sekhar Well-Known Member

    So i guess you are on a safe kernel now
    If so,try wiping in cwm
    If it doesnt work,flash a custom rom

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