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  1. rameshkarthik

    rameshkarthik Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have bought my Galaxy note GT N7000 more than an year ago. I still consider myself as a newbie to android and I still have Gingerbread 2.3.6 on my GT N7000.

    Everything was working fine until recently the battery was draining a bit more quickly than usual. Charging to 100% is also very fast taking only 45-60 mins. Normally it would take 2-3 hours previously. I observed this odd phenomenon only a month ago. It was the time when I download many GO Locker themes free using GETJAR. Please note that I downloaded many apps that GETJAR asked me download and I downloaded apps only from Playstore. It was also during this period that I put a Transcend Micro SDHC 16GB class 4 card into my GT N7000. I also have tried removing many apps that got via GETJAR but still the battery drain issue is present

    Today I was hearing music and playing temple run, When the battery levels goes below 30%, the screen begins to flicker. However I ignored this and continued playing and the flickering frequency was increased and there was constant flickering when the charge was around 15% and finally when the charge was around 11% the phone was powered off automatically. Even I tried to power on, it would not come and then I have to remove the battery for a few min and placed it back and powered the device and only then it was powered on.

    I'd appreciate, if anyone could let me know how to troubleshoot these issues. Please note that I don't want to factory reset my GT N7000 as I want to retain all my apps as well as Games data without rooting.

    K.Ramesh Karthik.

  2. newbie4

    newbie4 Well-Known Member

    I a newbie to but when I use one of my spare batteries this sometimes happen I think it is the sd card so do a unmount and remount or I more feel this is your case since you just bought one and now have that problem. You could check the frequency and then remove sd and check.
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  3. rameshkarthik

    rameshkarthik Member

    Newbie4 - I will check this and reply back the results
  4. pawanbijani

    pawanbijani New Member

    i have a samsung galaxy note about 8-10 months old.....i lost my charger which i got with it and now using another chager....the phone is not getting charger takes around 2 hrs to charge upto 20%...and i think the charging port has loosen up...m not sure if it is the charging port which is causing the problem or the charger...what if the battery is also weak..?? what could be the case plese reply fast....
  5. tdodd

    tdodd Well-Known Member

    From similar posts I've read on the internet I'm pretty sure it's time for a new battery. I doubt there is anything wrong with your phone.
  6. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

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