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  1. kailashnj

    kailashnj Member


    My Galaxy Note - bought on 21st Nov 2011, is not charging anymore.

    When I connect it to the wall charger or to the PC USB cable the charging does not work.

    As the phone was not charging, I thought it must have hanged and hence removed the battery and then again started charging the phone. Voila, I was able to charge it as required. I then restarted the phone while the wall charger was still connected to the phone and the phone started and was still charging. Hence I thought of removing the charger and then again retry charging, to my horrors the phone was not charging again. No hang up nothing wrong, but the phone will not charge.

    Tried connecting the phone to USB and even USB was not detected, thought that it might be a software issue and hence did a factory reset. Again the same, phone does not charge when its swithched on but if its switched off and charger connected, it will charge properly.

    Please help.


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello kailashnj. Sometimes the USB cable/charger becomes damaged. Try using a second one from a friend or at the store where you bought it.

    If that does not remedy the charging issue, you might try another USB port on the computer, as they get intermittent at times as well.
  3. kailashnj

    kailashnj Member

    Tried 3 different chargers and 2 different usb cables and 3 different usb ports - did not work. I am surprised, how come the phone charges perfectly when its powered off and nothing seems to work when its power on.
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    It should charge when on or off, of course. I'm wondering if it is charging but the indicator is not showing that due to a glitch that could be cleared with cache and data cleaning in application manager then a reboot.
  5. kailashnj

    kailashnj Member

    Had a discussion with the customer support guy today from Samsung and he has asked me to get the phone to the nearest service centre for through examination.
  6. hananmir

    hananmir New Member

    what was the proeblem then and how did it resolve
    i currently hav the same problem
  7. iswiss

    iswiss New Member

    Carefully clean phone and battery contacts with your wife's nail cleaner liquid. Helped me and works like a charm.
  8. charineooi

    charineooi New Member

    hi there, am having about the same issue, i have my Note for about 4 months, and all of a sudden, it blacked out on me. 4 days back, i was trying to charge my phone, it doesnt work. it could detect my charging but just couldnt charge the phone. Instead of percentage increasing, my battery keep dropping rapidly the moment i charge.

    I have change to new battery , multiple of chargers, multiple of USB cable it jus doesnt help. I am very very frustrated as i do not know wat is going on with my phone.

    Please do help if anyone knows of this problem or should i shut my phone off when i charge?

    Awaits for anyones prompt reply.

    thank you
  9. Mrivsona

    Mrivsona New Member

    OMG ive had the note for about 6 months and now as i go to plug it in it not picking up and not charging so ive taken the battery out and try reset it but its not working i am not sure what to do! can anyone help me?
  10. touringhaggis

    touringhaggis Well-Known Member

    I would get an external charger (should be quite cheap) and charge the battery with that. If the phone powers up and works then you know the battery is not dead (should last at least an hour). If the phone still cannot charge it after that then you need to take a trip to the service centre to get the phone's charging circuit fixed.

    Same goes for you Mrivsona.

    Eric Ritchie.

    AMDOMAN New Member

    Hey there guys,,,

    i had same issue after upgrade it to IS, i can't charge my SG note via USB or charger while it's SWITCH ON ,,, only can charge it while it's SWITCHED OFF !!!!

    please help and advise

  12. jkncates

    jkncates Member

    Having the same issue. I'm going to take mine back to Best Buy and get a replacement. Its always worked fine while.multitasking until last night. It started loosing battery while plugged in.
  13. Asica

    Asica Member

    Hey all,

    I just got a given a Note, its maybe 1 month old and used only one charge.

    Is this the normal chargin screen? Should it make a noise when i plug it in?

    Im using stock charger, un modded in any way Note. It makes no noise upon plugging in, and the battery shown on screen has no animation and has not changed in 30 minutes. Long pressing or holding power button for a long time does nothing either, the phone wont turn on.

    Is my battery just really dead or is it not charging? Thanks to all for any help.

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  14. touringhaggis

    touringhaggis Well-Known Member

    If the phone is turned off when you plug it in it will make no noise, but the graphic you are showing will appear. The problem is that the bottom of the battery should turn green relatively quickly. It could be that the battery has short circuited and will not charge anymore. Try to see if you can borrow a battery and test.

    Eric Ritchie.
  15. moonlight6979

    moonlight6979 New Member

    Hi , I am having the same issue. I have tried other batteries, chargers, and outlets still no charge. I did all the obvious, clean, check for damage, wiggle and jiggle the charger at the port. Now i was sent a new replacement phone , still did not charge soooo i got a new battery andddd still NO CHARGE i am going insane, Please help?:hmmmm2:
  16. bladefrost

    bladefrost New Member

    I have a new galaxy note 2 (2 weeks old) the phone is sometimes hard to charge, I tried plugging & unplugging the charger many times so that it will charge again. this already happened twice. The first time it happened is when i let it charge overnight & in the morning i was surprised i found out it stopped charging at 70% so I tried to unplug the usb socket & plug it again it still wouldn't charge, I tried many many times until finally it charged. I'm getting worried maybe my device is failing?
  17. josedram

    josedram New Member

    I also have a samsung galalaxy note gt n7000.
    my phone at first didnt charge, I took the battery out and reseted several times until it charged again.
    but my phone wont turn off NEVER.
    when i hit power off it reestars, my phone wont charge turned off.
    Sometimes when its turned ON the battery icon keeps blinking and when I unplug it the lightning comes and goes like if I was plugling and unpluging the phone.
    sometimes it turns off by it self or reestarts while in my pocket.
    please help me.

    I tried a factory reset or hard reset and lost all my info and still have the same issue.
    It doesnt sink with samsung kies or my PC.
    and what it does since yesterday is that when i plug it it does nothing no sound no nothing but charges slowly.
    I tried a different charger and battery and different PCs and still nothing.
    never did anything weird to it like rooting or never messed up with any of the settings.:(:(:(:confused::confused::confused:
  18. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    If you've tried a different battery and charger and performed a factory reset then I'd say you've ruled out those possibilities. It could be a faulty USB socket best bet is to contact Samsung now.
  19. bladefrost

    bladefrost New Member

    Found out my charger is dead. I already send my charger for waranty.

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  20. hit2007

    hit2007 New Member

    Hi All,

    today i have faced a weird problem when i disconnect plug power from my galaxy note after i got indicator that the battery is fully charged as i noticed the battery indicator change status from discharging to charging randomly while i disconnect the charger cable from mobile, i had restarted mobile & disconnect the battery, i cleaned the pin then i charged the mobile again till i get the the indication of buttery is fully charged but it's still the same although from the battery status the battery become drain with the same indicator in notification bar

    so if anyone can advice or have any suggestions for this problem, hope to feed me back
  21. LetsBuildARoad

    LetsBuildARoad New Member

    Hey all,

    I don't know about the software side of this, but I can tell you about the hardware. The charge port on these Notes is not soldered onto the main PCB itself, but onto a small board connected to the PCB by flex cable. I (just today, actually) replaced this part for $15.00 on my girlfriend's phone because her phone would not charge. Installing the part is easy if you have any kind of experience with it. Just don't forget to plug the antenna cable back into it when done. :)
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  22. Bazzyg

    Bazzyg Member

    I don't know if this might help, but I had a similar issue and it was due to the fact that the phone was at constant 1400MHz state, meaning that it was consuming more power than it could charge

    If the charge indicator comes on but the phone seems to be discharging, I would have a look at the CPU usage by downloading CPU SPY from Google Play.
  23. Paths

    Paths New Member

    The connecter on my Note is also broken, so it does not charge unless I press the cable downwards relative hard or I must put something heavy on the end of the cable.
    Should take it for warranty.
  24. snox500

    snox500 Member

    i have a samsung galaxy note SGH-I717R on the rogers network.

    recently i notice that the phone gets almost too hot to touch weather it just charging or sitting in my pocket. when i notice this i pull the battery out and let it cool down.

    now my battery discharges in rapid time. even from a full charge i have seen it die in about an hour and a half. i tried a new battery same time.

    the charging port still gets great connection as it will charge up to 100%.
    i have tried different cables charging through the computer. different wall adapters.

    i talked to a local repair shop and they said i need a new "power amp" (basically the core of the phone?)

    is this true? is there something else that i can try? a different fix?

    Thank you,
  25. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

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