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Galaxy phone camera problem: color shadow in center

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  1. 1phone

    1phone Active Member

    I brought a samsung galaxy s 4g, but the issue seems to exist in other galaxy phone too.

    Today when I use my camera, I notice there's yellow shadow in the center (same for both photo and video taking)

    I searched online and found some galaxy phone user has the same problem. Some has yellow shadow in the center, some has pink shadow.

    I also notice the problem exist more than a year. (and samsung has didn't fix it ?? )

    What can I do ?

    I brought my phone more than two weeks, so I don't know if my service provider (or samsung? ) will still fix or exchange for me. I dunno why I don't have the problem before but until now.


  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi 1phone :hello: and welcome to AF.

    I don't know a fix for your phone, but it should come with a one year warranty so you can get it repaired.

    You might also try a different camera app to see if its hardware or software.

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