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galaxy player 3.6 and the future of mp3 playersGeneral

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  1. fwfell

    fwfell Member

    I have a Galaxy 3.6, used primarily for as an mp3 player and a radio. I've had it for a year and it's been solid and eminently useful. I've noticed some posts on the forum suggesting that the 3.6 might be discontinued, and that the Android o/s on it will not be updated.

    This prompted me to take a look at the MP3 player options at Best Buy. They are limited to Apple products (a fine product, but at a crazy price point and not as full featured as the Samsung, and a Sansa (been there , done that, never again). I find this disturbing and I'm almost tempted to buy a refurbed 3.6 before they disappear. While there are many phone options, I don't need or want an internet phone connection for exercising and general use.

    I value the WiFi, the sd card storage, the replaceable battery and many of the other features of the Samsung. Is the future to be an unlocked smartphone, an Apple product or a larger form factor Sam. device?

  2. dumbth

    dumbth Member

    Archos vision line has a bunch of options. Dunno why not sansa clip+ which i use with a 32gb card.
  3. fwfell

    fwfell Member

    I had older sansa, pre touch screen which was pretty good. I also currently have a Clip which is pretty good for the price. Then I got a Fuze+ which was horrendous. I would never buy a Sansa mp3 again.
  4. dumbth

    dumbth Member

    I also have a clip, but the rewind button went erratic after i overused it thousands of times. The clip+ is really better except for a tiny bit bigger face. It can play by folder, which is a huge advantage compared to that stupid tag voodoo. You can buy a cheap one with little memory, and stick a massive cheap sdcard in it. The ring control button is squarish so there is no question what function you are hitting.

    That said, i would think about whatever the smallest sgp still has speakers. I love the ability to play internet radio in quiet places without stupid earpods. I use xiialive app to play vintage british comedy stations for instance.
  5. marcelf

    marcelf Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't get an archos device, they are known for their unreliability and bugginess. You are right, phones are taking over as there is more profit in them. small media players are a thing of the past. A lot of people like me are looking to get another 5.0 before they are gone. I too don't fancy paying silly money for a phone with a 5inch screen. I'd consider the next nexus phone, as it's cheaper; but it wont have removeable battery or expandable memory (again, now the norm).

    Sad times indeed!

  6. dumbth

    dumbth Member

    The archos vision line is different than the archos line. I believe the visions are rebadged from other makers, and have very conservative firmware. Archos mainly stumbles from their firmware... i imagine its because their country mandates 35 hour weeks, while any software job needs 70+ hour weeks to get anything done. So visions should be nearly average reliability and cheap, but lack fancy firmware or sdcards.
  7. marcelf

    marcelf Well-Known Member

    if your thinking about an archos device, I'd suggest reading through some of their forums first. You may change your mind. I had a vision 43, went wrong and a 5it, went wrong, friend bought gen 9 101, and guess what? Never again

    Forum.ArchosFans.com - Index page

  8. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    All phones and media players eventually get discontinued. That's the nature of the business. So no surprise there.
  9. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    Part of the problem leading to a shortage of dedicated MP3 players is the price. Many of the better players cost nearly as much as, if not more than, many Android tablets or phones. I wanted a Samsung player, but balked at the price. Fortunately, I waited, and wound up with the perfect device: An out of contract Motorola DROID 2. I wiped data on it and shut off all data and voice options, using wifi only when needed. It's relatively small (4.3 in) with a nice display. It's stuck on 2.3, but that's fine for a single core device. It's a little heavy for a player, but the battery is replaceable, and I can put in an extended battery. The 3 year old stock battery is good for a couple of days with screen off. GPS works, as do all the sensors and camera. The uSD slot keeps me ahead of the storage game. It mounts to my PC in USB drive mode. On wifi, GrooveIP works well with my Google Voice account. I have no recurring costs, and I kept a useful device out of the landfill. All my Google app purchases are available. When it dies, my next player will be a cheap, used Android phone.

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