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  1. fwfell

    fwfell Member

    I have a Galaxy 3.6 media player. I purchased it 7/12 as an mp3 player replacement for a not lamented sandisk player. I've been favorably impressed with the 3.6, in an mp3 player context and at a cost of $119. However, I am new to Android devices and the 3.6 and I'm stumped at times by the file structure.
    I have found it easy with Windows Explorer to move podcasts from Itunes to the Music folder on the 3.6 and to play them at will. What I have not learned is how to move music files to the 3.6 and have them available to play separately from the podcasts that appear in "Music" on the player.
    I've tried creating a new folder and then dragging the files but then these files are mixed with podcasts in the Music player and will playback in a mixture of podcasts and music. I've tried dropping music files into video, Albums, and playlists but they all end up appearing in the Music folder.
    Is this an Android issue? Is it a Samsung 3.6 issue? Or am I using a less helpful music player (I use the existent Samsung app).
    I asked this question on the Samsung website and goty a response recommending the use of Kies to address file issues. I downloaded it and have used it sometimes successfully, but with frequent problems such that I've given up on reliability.
    Thanks in advance of any advice. This seems to be a good source for galaxy issues.

  2. ForkliftFred

    ForkliftFred Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone with real world experience would recommend Kies to solve anything but the simplest of issues (this is based on what I've seen here and my own experience, which includes a complete failure to get my computer to connect via USB!)

    I am in a similar situation with regards to MP3s. One of the good things about MP3 players is their ability to find your music wherever you put it, but as you have found this isn't always the way we want it.

    You will need to use an alternative app but the solution will probably still not be perfect. My personal choice is Player Pro which allows you to restrict the folder it looks in. However, if you want to change from your podcasts folder to your music folder it will rescan each time. Alternatively, you can browse by folder rather than the regular Artist/Album/Genre/etc

    If you're happy to use one app for your music a different app for podcasts then you can restrict Player Pro to only use your podcasts folder and set the folder as hidden so the standard app doesn't use it.

    There are other apps that can do the same folder tricks, each with its own pros and cons, but switching between folders always seems to trigger a rescan unless you only browse by folder.
  3. fwfell

    fwfell Member

    Thanks for your reply. I've made some progress towards a solution to my separate podcasts and music problem on my 3.6. I setup playlists and do get separation that way. My basic problem is that I live in New York and run about 2 hours a day in the cold...and it's been 10 to 20 degrees F in the morning here as of late. I have to wear bulky mittens and thus can't use my fingers to access player functions, probably until sometime in Feb.
    I am going to get Player Pro and give it a try. I've always used a Windows O/S and learning Android is a lesson in humility. Thanks again!
  4. DaveBlu

    DaveBlu Member

    I'm looking into getting a Galaxy Player 3.6 as a possible replacement for my Sansa player as well, mostly just for taking to the gym and listening to music & podcasts. Obviously, I don't have one yet so can't provide an exact solution, but maybe I can suggest something that if you can implement, will go a long way to convince me to buy one myself.

    Right now I'm using my old Droid X (not wanting to risk my SG3 falling off the treadmill) as a WiFi-only podcast player, and use BeyondPod to download, manage & play my podcasts. When I want to play music, I use the built in Android music player. BeyondPod (and there are other good podcast managers like Doggcatcher) is smart enough where if you want to play music, it'll pause its playback (configurable, of course) when another audio device wants output duties. Pretty seamless to switch back & forth, though maybe not wearing mittens. This is all on Gingerbread, so should be compatible w/the Galaxy 3.6 as well, which I want because of the smaller form factor (honestly, I'd love like a Galaxy 2.4).

    Please let me know if you have any luck with this or similar methods, since what you're describing is exactly what I want to do, except I'll be running indoors.
  5. fwfell

    fwfell Member

    I went to download Beyondpod per the suggestion, however the webpage seemed to imply that the app was for tablets. I emailed the developer about compatibility with the SGP3.6. I'll post the reply when it arrives.

    I transitioned from a Sandisk to the Samsung about 8 months ago. I 'd had earlier Sansa products, both Fuze and Clip and they were good devices that I replaced only as the battery died. I bought a Fuze+, with a touchscreen and it was a disaster. Sansa should have been embarrassed by that thing. After that I got the SGP3.6.

    I got the SGP3.6 because I didn't want and didn't want to pay the premium for an Apple Product. The SGP3.6 cost me $119 and it's been as reliable as could be. Because I don't really have a need for a smartphone, I have limited experience with the amazing app capabilities of the SGP3.6 and Android.

    With my limited knowledge, I was unaware of the obvious solution to my podcast/music, using separate playlists and playing back either the Music playlist or the Podcast playlist. Although this works, constructing playlists and controlling the playback sequence are unwieldy.

    Hopefully BeyondPod will be a good solution.
  6. fwfell

    fwfell Member

    As a followup to the BeyondPod app, It does indeed work with the Sam 3.6, and can be downloaded with a 7 day trial. When i sent an email to the programmer about being able to install on the 3.6, I received a prompt affirmative reply.
    After using the app, it really did not seem to give me control over folders and data transfer from a desktop that I was hoping for. I did send a second email with a question, but got no reply.
    I still have the fundamental problem of both music and podcast transfers appearing commingled under the "Music" folder on the device. The music files are then included in playlists, and the podcasts in a separate playlist. While the music playlists are somewhat permanent, the podcasts are discarded after playing and replaced with more current podcasts. The removal of these old podcasts from the "Music" folder is very time consuming because the "Music" folder contains music files by track, newer podcasts and old podcasts which are to be deleted.

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