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  1. cwy

    cwy Member

    I got a Galaxy Player 4.2 less than a week ago and found that its battery seems to be discharging too quickly while idle. Below is the battery life graph in Settings, Above Device, Battery use. Does this look normal to you? My device has the latest firmware and only a few apps installed, and is unrooted. In 32 hours, the battery went from 100% to 30%, a drop of 2% per hour. During idle, I always have my Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS off, in addition to closing all apps in memory.

    In contrast, my iPod Touch has barely lost any power during that time, still at 85%. As indicated by the blue lines at the bottom, the device has barely been used during that time. Can anyone tell me: is this normal? Is my battery defective? I bought this new from Newegg.


  2. brosko

    brosko Well-Known Member

    it shouldnt lose charge that quick at idle. is samsung push active? that really sucks juice. go into samsung apps and settings and deactivate push notification. also go to manage apps and check out what processes are running. sometimes there are programs that are running and are not displayed in the active app tab (in the program monitor widget) samsung push being one of them
  3. cwy

    cwy Member

    Samsung app notification had been on. I turned it off together with a whole bunch of other settings, per the suggestion of post #14 of this thread that someone had linked me to. But I'm still losing battery at about 2% per hour. This is the usage after I turned off all the settings:


    In addition to closing all active apps, I also cleared out the RAM. Do I need to go into Manage Applications and do a "force stop" on every app? That's one thing I haven't tried. It would take too much time to force stop all 30 or so apps every time I leave the device on idle. It would be easier to just shut off the device, which seems to be the only way to stop the rapid discharging of the battery.
  4. brosko

    brosko Well-Known Member

    I force stop the apps that you dint see with program monitor once in a while, but you shouldnt have ti do that. 2% an hour isnt that bad, but I dont think that it is normal either.
  5. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member

    I was loosing 20-30 percent overnight - used a task killer and it still did it. I started clearing ram with the task manager that came with it and it is still 80 some percent after four days of limited use so something good finally.

    Need to see if I can find out what it is killing. and uninstall it.

    I noted with just using the task manager to close things that google maps and nook restart almost immediately as well as others off and on. Considering an uninstall one of these days.

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