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  1. remiga

    remiga New Member

    I can't move apps to my SD card. I've tried downloading apps to assist, and using the app manager. I end up getting the message: FAIL TO MOVE APPLICATION. What can I do?

  2. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member

    What app(s) are you trying to move? Not all apps can be moved....
  3. remiga

    remiga New Member

    Angry birds and ninja run, plus some other apps. Not one applicarion has moved to the sd card. The button is there, it responds as if its prohibited. any app! Music work fine just apps.
  4. newbytodroid

    newbytodroid Well-Known Member

    Dont mean to go off topic but I am considering switching to boost. How is the 3g is it fairly quick?
  5. remiga

    remiga New Member

    Boost service is great! it works for me! The 3g is fast, I can watch you tube videos in HQ with little stopping, if any.
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  6. The Korben Dallas

    The Korben Dallas Well-Known Member

    For what it's worth: last time I moved Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, & Angry Birds Rio to my SD card they "disappeared" from my phone and I had to re-install. I've got plenty of space so I just left them there :)

    Again, not all apps can me moved to the SD card with stock Android 2.2

    EDIT: From Android Dev Forum, That option (Move to SD) has to be enabled by the app developer themselves. Froyo cannot move an app to the SD card on its own. Once developers update their apps to such settings it will be possible...
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  7. benwalburn

    benwalburn Well-Known Member

    Boost is good, depending on where you are. I don't have it anymore, but it's service was decent here, except for the 3g outage that lasted for several months.
    However, customer service sucks. They don't usually have you do anything beyond rebooting your phone if you get an issue.

    And if you have any friends on StraightTalk, forget boost. StraightTalk users can send sms to you, but you can't send sms to them.
  8. Ian Chesterton

    Ian Chesterton New Member

    I moved Angry Birds to my SD card without issue.
  9. Der Jäger

    Der Jäger New Member

    Sorta Solved ~ Follow this link this is the best I can find so far....appSaver - Android app on AppBrain

    "appSaver only saved apps onto the sd card,can't optimize internal memory.
    +add app size information.
    +Delete apk file.
    +View installed app information.

    1)Easy install apps from your SDcard
    2)Quick save apps to SDCard
    3)Quick uninstall apps you dislike.
    +Filtered system apps


    Content rating: Everyone

    Latest version: 5.24 (for all Android versions)
  10. androidnewbie2

    androidnewbie2 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded and installed angry birds to my prevail. I got the low disk space error so i saved the game to my sd card but can't seem to get the game to start; i get a black screen and then the phone stalls. Couldn't get the game to work before moving to sd card either. I installed and uninstalled several times but still can't get the game to load. I am using the stock operating system that came with the phone. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  11. DaddyZap

    DaddyZap Well-Known Member

    I had no problem moving any of those apps, if you root the phone you can use titanium back up which for me has moved and deleted everything I wanted it too...
  12. Avarwen

    Avarwen Member

    Not all apps can be moved to the SD card app saver seem to work so far.
  13. bxfinest

    bxfinest New Member

    It's an old thread but I can confirm that rooting the phone and using move2sd enabler will let you move any app to the sd card.
  14. sanchezrd13

    sanchezrd13 Well-Known Member

    I rooted my phone. Now what do I use to uninstall the preloaded apps? The move2sd enabler mentioned above doesn't work with the preloaded apps. I've read how Titanium Backup allows you to do this, but is this option only available in the TB Pro only? Please help.
  15. wyelkins

    wyelkins Well-Known Member

    Titanium will remove system apps easily enough. I use Pro, but I thought that the free version did that also, maybe not. Root Explorer too, but a little more dangerous to use unless you learn how to use it.

    I have tried the Move to SD option of TB and I am not sure that it always works. As stated previously, Not all apps are designed to run from the SD and may not run properly or at all if you do tis.

    The link below is the docs for TB.

    HomePage : Titanium Backup - Wiki
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  16. evrynite

    evrynite Member

    Okay, like many with this phone, I've complained about not having enough storage space for apps like facebook, craigslist, photobucket, google voice, etc.

    App 2SD is great, however you cannot move "phone only" apps to your sd card.

    Here's the solution to this issue! (assuming you have ALREADY rooted your phone)

    You will need to download Link2SD from the market. The details are provided in the link below:

    You will also need to partition your sd card. I used a memory card reader and hooked it up to my laptop. The program I used to partition is EASEUS and can be downloaded here:

    Easeus Partition Master Home Edition - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Downloads

    Just follow the directions that are provided on the Link2SD site.

    I was able to partition my sd card using EASEUS and "link" the phone only apps to my sd card. Worked like a charm. I've downloaded all the apps I could possibly want and use, that were previously "phone only" apps, and I STILL have 50+ mb of space remaining on my internal memory!

    Since everything is now linked to my sd card, I'll never have to worry about filling up the internal memory :D
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  17. wyelkins

    wyelkins Well-Known Member

    This sounds silly but it works: If you get the FAIL to MOVE error message, simply clear it and try to move it a second time! It almost always works the second time. In my case, it is usually because I have previously ran this app from the SD and then wiped my phone. The SD stuff is still there, so when I restore and try to move to the SD card it sees this trash and will not move the app. The second time everything has been cleaned up and it moves the program.

    Just be stubborn and try it a second time!
  18. BankaiKubo

    BankaiKubo Member

    This doesn't work. I have the same issue as OP. I asked Boost, and they said you cannot move apps to the SD card because if you were to change handsets, the apps wouldn't work. Now, with that said, can anyone find a way around that? If so I'll be grateful and impressed.
  19. JEDinNC

    JEDinNC New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I hate to bring this thread up from the dead yet again, but I need some help with moving apps to the SD card. My phone has been successfully rooted. I have used apps 2 SD and the standard user interface to move the "movable" apps, but I continuously receive the "failed to move application" message.

    Just for kicks I went ahead and installed and ran the move2SD enabler as well, but it didn't help any.

    Any suggestions? If I can't free up more internal memory for apps I will be forced to return it to BB.


  20. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    What I did was. Have to be rooted. Buy root explorer after you use TB to iuninstall preloaded apps I went into root explorer data/apps moved those apps to system. I have deleted most system apps. And have mad space now. Be careful!!!!
  21. Annasgalaxy

    Annasgalaxy New Member

    I have a proplem when I move my apps to my SD card the "Disapear" from my phone? Please Help!
  22. Dandnj1

    Dandnj1 Well-Known Member

    what did you use to move them?

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