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  1. kwiltnlady

    kwiltnlady New Member

    I have a new samsung galaxy proclaim. I have two email accounts set up on it. When I receive an email on my hotmail account, if I delete it from my phone, the message is gone off my phone, but is still in my mail when I go to my computer. But, on the gmail account, when I delete a message from my phone, it is also deleted from my computer. How do I make the gmail account like the hotmail account, so when I delete a message, it is only deleted from my phone? Thanx so much.

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome aboard, kwiltnlady..

    You might wanna stop inside your device's support forum for assistance with this phone.

    Here is a link to that area: Samsung Galaxy Proclaim - Android Forums

    Good luck. Thanks for joining the community. :)
  3. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Hey there and welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Unfortunately I'm unable to help in this matter either, hopefully the folks in the proclaim forum that rush linked you to can help you out :)


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