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  1. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Finally. Galaxy S 4G Gingerbread 2.3.6 released.

    T-Mobile Support Community: Software upgrade - Samsung Galaxy S 4G


    I was stock/rooted/fotafixed before.

    No problem with the mini Kies update. No problem re-rooting with SuperOneClick 2.2 (took 2 tries, I rebooted after the first one) and did not need to re-apply the fotafix.

    All programs still in place w/data.

    Only thing that wasn't working was swype, which I had replaced manually with the newest beta. I'll have to rename the stock swype files again and reload the sywpe beta.

    I got superoneclick 2.2 click here
    [APP]SuperOneClick v2.2 (now with zergRush and su 3.0) - xda-developers

  2. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Got it. Don't know whether or not to say thanks. Gallery and notification ringtones disappeared. Took me a couple of hours of reading and futzing to get them back.

    Re-rooted. Superoneclick 2.2 was a lot easier. Most everything else worked from the get-go.
  3. ko08

    ko08 Active Member
  4. ko08

    ko08 Active Member

    This was downloaded an installed today i was also able to root it with super one click 2.2 an its fantastic no bugs found
  5. jeremiahgrdnr

    jeremiahgrdnr New Member

    have gb 2.3.6 on sgs4g, but cant get super one click to root. help plz im goin nutz
  6. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Did you follow all the instructions?

    Also reboot everything. The first root hung up on me until I rebooted the computer after downloading and installing KIES and the driver for the phone. No one said to reboot the computer and the computer itself didn't suggest it.

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