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galaxy s 4g tv out wont workSupport

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  1. tribaldan

    tribaldan New Member

    so im trying to get video out to work on the new galaxy s 4g but all it does is turn on the music player and flips through songs. i have cut he harness and tried to re wire the out puts like they have said on xda but as soon as i make a connection to the ( whats suppose to be video out ) it turns to the music player and skips through my music any ideas?:confused:

  2. king24th

    king24th New Member

    I have the same issue :-(
  3. whyface6

    whyface6 New Member

    I called on this issue and was told that the tv out only works on 2 different samsung tvs... they should explain this at the time of purchase...this was one of the reasons I bought this phone..................

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