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  1. richardsoo2000

    richardsoo2000 New Member

    Hello everyone! I am new to the smartphone world and recently bought a Galaxy S Advance phone. I was messing about with the wallpaper and accidentally change the "Swipe to Unlock" wallpaper as well. How can I revert to the original background? I have tried changing the wallpapers and each time the "unlock" background also changes....

  2. mvrck

    mvrck Member

    If you want to change the background of the lock screen you can always go to Settings>Display>Screen display and under 'Lock screen' If you select 'Wallpaper' it'll allow you to choose the background of the lock screen. I don't remember the original background exactly, i guess it must be one of those 5 wallpapers that the phone came with.which is not generally visible in the gallery. I guess you can Google for those if you really want to.

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