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  1. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member



    When i make a call, the screen truns black. I can't hang up etc.
    Also when someone's calling me i can't press any button for like 30 a 40 sec, then sometimes i can hang up

    I tried a factory reset from recovery mode. i tried speed kernel mod, i tried lagfix.
    Flashed it with different firmware versions etc.

    nothing solved my problems.

    Sometimes the force close of comes up.

    Also send my phone to Samsung, they did not want to fix my problem, they said it was a Liquid Damage, but i think that's what they always say.

    Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?
    The rest al works fine.

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    I am out of ideas if you have already resorted to flashing. You have tried the newest 2.2.1 firmware right?
  3. akshayrajsingh

    akshayrajsingh Active Member

    I to have been facing the same set of snags with my S..all upgraing to 2.2 :(..i am still waiting for 2.2.1 to come my way (no root/lagfix)....
  4. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    Yep, everything, even put on gingerbread 2.3.2 Beta today.
    Same problems
  5. lobo76

    lobo76 Well-Known Member

    liquid damage? I don't think they 'always' say that.

    Usually, they only say that when one of the stickers they put inside the phone show traces of it being 'touched' by water.
  6. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    I installed Gingerbread 2.3.2 Beta, The home button lag is gone now.
    But screen still turns back when making/receiving a phone call.
    Some times it shows the hangup and mic off etc. buttons, but frozen. Cant press anything.
  7. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

    the screen normaly turns black when your calling to save battery.
    To get view bac shake the phone a bit or press home button.
  8. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member


    That doesn't help. The phone Freezes completley, doesn't matter if i shake or press the home button 10 times. just is completly stuck.

    Almost threw him trough a window
  9. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

    Wel im quite shure that won't fix the problem..

    Tried firmware upgrad, maby compleatly flashing the rom using odin?
  10. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    Yes i used odin
  11. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

    mabey you should try going to the store where you bought it. They might be able to help you. That is if you did'nt buy it second hand or on-line
  12. Figleaf

    Figleaf Well-Known Member

    do you have a skin or protective cover on your phone/screen? this could be blocking a very tiny light sensor on the phone and this will cause the screen not to respond as it should. if you have some , remove them and see what happens.
  13. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    I did go back to the store, there was a geek there who knows what he was doing, he was unable to fix it, he advised me to buy a galaxy s with a broken screen, then i should switch motherboards.
  14. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    I don't use a screen protector.
  15. Figleaf

    Figleaf Well-Known Member

    theres a thread called "screen goes blank on calls" over in the htc desire forum that you could read, different phone i know but same problem and the fix's are often similar.
  16. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member


    What i found out is that if i plug in my headphones and then make a call, it functions normally, so the problem is gone then, Thats kind of strange, anybody got an idea?
  17. Figleaf

    Figleaf Well-Known Member

    thats very strange!!:confused: it woud appear that the headphones are acting like an antenna....maybe bring your phone back to supplier and ask them to check the antenna.
  18. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    It's not functioning as an antenna, i can make a call without the headphones, but my screen freezes or gets black. Talking is no problem, only when i plug in my headphone, my screen doesn't freeze or gets black, so functions like it should while calling then.
  19. zopranoz

    zopranoz Member

    BUMP! See Video.
  20. usman.younas92

    usman.younas92 New Member

    Yayy I figured out the problem! Okay so i have a galaxy s vibrant with the exact same issue. I took it to a cell phone repair center (this guy was supposedly the best in town) and he told me that the digitizer on my specific phone was replaced and someone covered the light sensor with glue! So he basically took it apart, cleaned that area and voila! it worked =D!! He also said that because this was the problem, using headphones would allow you to see the screen when you place a call so it all makes sense.
  21. danandreyko

    danandreyko New Member

    Thank you zopranoz, thanx to one of your posts I could resolve my issue. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    So, connect your 3.5 headphone jack to your phone, compose a number, call it and the screen won't go black, then press your home button (having your call still active in the background) and disconnect the 3.5 jack ... and voil
  22. danandreyko

    danandreyko New Member

    Good news, guys I could resolve my issue. I'm using Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    So, connect a 3.5 headphone jack to your phone, compose and call a number (normally the screen won't go black), then press your home button (having your call still active in the background) and disconnect the 3.5 jack ... and voil
  23. MetalGodess

    MetalGodess New Member

    This worked for me! I still have the Vibrant S I bought in 2010 but rooted and on Jelly Bean. Works great except for this issue and the GPS but that's another issue for another thread.

    The sensor on the top left was being covered just a little tiny bit by the $3 case I got on I took off the case and the screen lit up and I was able to use it.


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