[Galaxy S]Cannot boot to recovery mode?

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  1. Swatto

    Swatto New Member

    Hey all :D

    For some reason I cannot boot into recovery mode on my SGS I9000 using the power up + home + power button keys. My device is rooted and flashed with a custom rom but I thought I had bricked it as it was looping for a while so I tried to get into recovery mode but the phone just keep restarting itself until I took my finger off the power button and then it would just boot normally.

    I left the phone to loop and eventually it booted up so I used ROM Manager to boot my device into recovery mode and restore my backed up ROM that was working fine. All is great now but I still cannot boot into recovery mode using the shortcut keys - I have to actually boot into the phone and use software to get into recovery mode?

    Anyone else experience this and could it be because of the custom ROM installed?

    Also I read there is a way to get into recovery mode by plugging my device into the computer - does anyone have a guide on how to do this please?

    Thankyou for any help - sorry it is a bit of a long post.

  2. Swatto

    Swatto New Member

    After doing some research it seems that a number of other people are having issues with the 3 button recovery mode not working - apparently it was disabled in later versions of the phone or a fault with the secondary boot loader. Im going to update the firmware through KIES tonight - apparently that fixes the issue
  3. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    I believe Samsung released a batch of Galaxy S handsets without the recovery mode feature, for some bizarre reason. But I think they started releasing handsets with the feature again. Perhaps you're just one of the unlucky ones?

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