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  1. HyperBaka

    HyperBaka New Member

    what the charging time for galaxy S (default battery and charger) ?
    mine took me around 3hr and its not fully charged :(
    and the battery also drained quite fast.

  2. asyrafwa

    asyrafwa New Member

    Charged it for less than 2 hours...
  3. twisted_mind

    twisted_mind Well-Known Member

    To the OP, if your device new? If yes, the SGS battery takes a few charges to settle in. Make sure you get all the basics right like turn off 3G if u don't use it/ are in a low 3G coverage area. Wifi/bt/gps suck up battery as well if left ON needlessly.
  4. Anyone know of a way to speed up the charge time? Like a faster charger or such?
  5. goyal.sanchit

    goyal.sanchit Well-Known Member

    It takes 3-4 hours easily for the full charge if your battery is very low!
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  6. umerawan007

    umerawan007 New Member

    mine takes almost 4 complete hours to comletely charge.
  7. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Also, it takes longer to charge the battery via USB, than it does via the mains charger.
    It is recommended to charge the battery via USB, purely because it is slower
    and therefore better for the battery's health.

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  8. armiinco4

    armiinco4 New Member

    2,5 hours to full charge, and last for a day, with using 3g, wi-fi, gps...and playing games, and ofcourse talking :D
  9. TheCompBoy

    TheCompBoy Well-Known Member

    Charging batery for me is about 2 hours.. And batery drain is very quick if i have wifi turned on and i am on the web or something.. But maybe you check so no apps are running in the background that might drain the batery.. Atleast this was problem for me.
  10. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    Mine is very strange. Charging time from about 20% to full when phone is not being used and with mains charger varies from about 2 hours to about 4.5 hours.
  11. Manjar

    Manjar Active Member

    I charge mine overnight everyday. its probably soaking for 4 hours. Lasts easily the next day for what i want.
    I find if i take it off charge at 100% if in a hurry to take phone somewhere it'll drain really fast..
    Best thing i did was root it and tune the CPU so that in screen lock state the battery use is 'extreme power save' and not the default (power save or normal? dunno)
  12. hogofddyn_

    hogofddyn_ Well-Known Member

    Mine takes about 3-4 hours from empty to full.

    However, my battery drain is exactly the same when I'm watching youtube videos/playing games/listening to music/browsing/getting texts + phonecalls all day as when the phone's in standby all day doing virtually nothing.

    I've checked the task manager to make sure no processes are running and using up the battery. I'm at a loss as to why the battery drain is the same no matter what the usage.

    Obviously Wifi, bluetooth, gps etc are turned off whenever they're not needed.
  13. Manjar

    Manjar Active Member

    This is exactly what i was referring to in my post above yours. Root and tune the CPU (with CPU Tuner app) and this will change big time!
  14. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

    install juice defender and set it to agressive stance (No notaceble difference in usage)

    but about 25% battery duration improvment
  15. up2nogood

    up2nogood Active Member

    I find when I take my phone off charge and the status screen says 100%, I remove the lead and can literally see the percentage go from saying "100% Fully Charged" to like 97% or something =\ only had the phone a month
  16. PinkBunny16

    PinkBunny16 New Member

    I've found the exact same thing happens to me too when I switch off the plug it will drop to 99-98%. Ive had mine for a few months now but I'm hoping that Gingerbread will help fix it.
  17. up2nogood

    up2nogood Active Member

    its annoying, ive got nothing running out of the ordinary to make it do this, I've only had the phone a month or so and it never used to do it when i first got it....
  18. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Around 1.30 hours here, 3-5 hours using USB charge. battery will last anywhere from a 1-2 days

    Currently 1d 16h on battery at 39%
  19. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    The battery immediately drops to 98% after unplugging the charger because it was never charged to 100% in the first place. The battery meter is actually lying to us. It's not a bug though as it's designed to protect the battery from being overcharged as doing so will result in the battery having a shorter life span.
    If your phone is rooted, you can calibrate the battery to allow it to fully charge to 100%. Download an app from the market called Battery Calibration.


  20. docd

    docd New Member

    hi, my phone (galaxy S) battery takes 3.5 hrs for full charging from 10 to 100%..
    is it normal???
    if not then what should i do to reduce the charging time??!!
    pls guide me if anybody knows...
  21. auntylind

    auntylind New Member

    Hi. Been using bbc iplayer for radio at night for months now with no issues. All of a sudden battery drained overnight, got a new battery and a power pack and drained them both overnight! I am not doing anything differtly to what I've been doing for months. Any ideas please (plain englush please as dont understand the jargon):eek:
  22. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    From 1 to 100%, 4 hours on my AC outlet.
  23. mypatshop

    mypatshop Member

    My Galaxy S is about 8 months old and the battery is kind of "dying". It drains very quickly about half a day and despite full charged, the meter says 97% the very moment I unplugged the charger.

    Guess it's time for a replacement battery:(
  24. blacksnoopy

    blacksnoopy Member

    I've heard that it is good to be charged for about 12 hours
  25. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    For the people who say that their phones drop instantly when they unplug their phone.

    Mine was doing the, once I unplugged it and noticed, I decided to plug it back in in. And then I would leave it for about 10 mins and unplug it to see....then it would drop a few percent again, but not the same as the first time....So, I kept doing this until once I unplugged the battery, it didn't drop at all......stayed at 100%

    That's when I downloaded Battery Calibration and reset the battery stats with that app.
    Went from quickly losing battery 8-9 hours of usage, all the way to 30+ hours of usage.

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