Galaxy S coming to verizon as the Fascinate!

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  1. pw-man

    pw-man Well-Known Member

  2. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Let me ask u something: how was the Omnia 2?
  3. hanano17

    hanano17 Well-Known Member

    Going to sell my Incredible and get this, I hope its in July.
  4. pw-man

    pw-man Well-Known Member

    A great phone that got even better once custom roms became available. For me it is actually the perfect non-keyboard device in terms of size, build quality, etc.

    Obviously its going to be dated now, running WM 6.X (though custom roms can get you to 6.5.x and every variant in between), and running a lesser processor... but video playback is excellent, 720p recording is good (no hiccups), audio quality is excellent, camera with LED flash is nice as well.

    My biggest complaint would be the touch screen is occasionally iffy (not often, just occasionally), which is more a function of the resistive implementation versus the capacitive in most phone now.

    I originally was between the Droid and this, and this was the winner hands down in terms of the screen, and while I wanted a physical keyboard, the droid keyboard tanked IMO...

    Still very active group on Modaco, building roms and with the numerous international variants, lots of software discussions as well...
  5. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Yea the touch screen....I commented about that vs. the Droid's screen. Someone said the Omnia was a way better phone all around. I mentioned the screen, and never got a

    I bought up the resistive vs. capacitive thing....never got a response.

    The touchscreen on the Omnia is what made me get a phone with a keyboard. I had some bad experiences with the screen on the Omnia so I thought I needed a physical keyboard as backup.

    The Droid proved u dont really need a physical keyboard.

    But these Samsungs phones coming out should be alot better. I wont hold it againts them that the Omnia is in their
  6. pw-man

    pw-man Well-Known Member

    I hear ya.... The AMOLED is a beautiful display. I like Samsung for their build quality... and will definetly be checking this device out when its available... will be very tempting :) I had (still have) the original Omnia as well... screen was too small and had a few other flaws as well... I think the 3.7"/4" range it the place to be.... I haven't held the droid x, but have the HD2 and just think they are getting too bulky in the screen size...

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