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Galaxy S III has all bands and receivers built in?General

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  1. johncroc

    johncroc New Member

    Yesterday I posted the following, but was referred back to my carrier by another member and then my post was moved to "Solved". I've added information and am asking the question again for reasons that are explained by what I've added.

    My Original Post:
    This article (http://androidforums.com/samsung-ga...rk-frequency-your-samsung-i9000-galaxy-s.html) implies that all S III's are GSM and CDMA compatible and capable of functioning on all frequencies. Am I reading it correctly?

    I want to buy an S III but don't want to end up with the wrong "type." My conclusion after reading the above article is that I can buy any "unlocked" S III and put it on any network, but I'm checking here to see if I've drawn the correct conclusion.

    Added for the purpose of re-asking:
    Kolio responded:
    "Unfortunately,it's not all that simple."

    Well...That's why I'm here (I posted the original message above as guest). To learn.

    Can anyone help me understand? My carrier is Straight Talk, so basically I'm on my own. Plus, I WANT to understand.

    I already knew that there were two basic standards (CDMA and GSM). I learned recently that CDMA phones can function on multiple frequencies (notably 850 MHz and 1.9 GHz). The post I referenced in my thread starter (above) seems to imply that the SIII has all the hardware, and which system and which frequency is controlled by software settings.

    But Kolio says it's not that simple. Why isn't it that simple? What else do I need to know? I'm here in part because even if my carrier were one of the biggies with great customer support, I would still want to be knowledgeable, rather than have to rely on their "honesty."

    Thank you for your help!


  2. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    That article links to the original Galaxy S, not the S3. The international S3 is the i9300.

    There are different models of S3's being used in the US. Mine which is on Boost (Sprint) is model SPH-L710.

    You can use an unlocked phone on any GSM carrier but CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint (Boost, Virgin etc.) won't let you.
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  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Welcome to the forums!!!

    As mentioned, there is a version for Sprint (and its prepaid carriers), Verizon (and its prepaid carriers), and a version for GSM carriers (ATT and T-Mobile)

    That's just the US. There's an international phone for people outside of the US
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  4. johncroc

    johncroc New Member

    Thank you so much! Both of the replies, above, are very helpful. So, it looks like there are at least two, and possibly 4 (or more), different models of the SIII. The SPH-L710 is for Sprint (in the vernacular of Straight Talk: CDMA-S). What are the model numbers for SIIIs that work on other carriers' systems? Would the SPH-L710 also work on Verizon's network through Straight Talk (CDMA-V)? If not, what are the technical reasons?

    I have a long (32+ years) career in IT so difficult-to-understand technology doesn't scare me. I want to understand Cell Phone stuff as thoroughly as I understand 802.11 A/B/G/N (WiFi) and VoIP. Can anyone point me to technical documentation regarding standards, protocols, etc.? I already thoroughly understand SMS, but I want to understand the "voice" side.

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