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  1. chrischarles

    chrischarles New Member

    I have a Galaxy S III (S3) and trying to use the Kies to SYNC via WiFi feature.
    Using the most up to date version of Kies for PC (

    I followed the instructions on the link in the Kies PC app

  2. ravage007

    ravage007 New Member

    kies was not made to work with the g3 you have to use kies air but it is all most that same as kies
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    1) kies was made to work with the sgs3 and it works fine

    2) the whole point of this thread is that the OP can't get Kies working
  4. klymax

    klymax New Member

  5. trevord

    trevord New Member

    hey what up

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