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Galaxy S Plus hangs/reboot causing issue with phone speakers.Support

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  1. sync123

    sync123 Member


    I bought my Samsung Galaxy S Plus GT i9001 a couple of months ago.

    I have been facing this issue of the phone lag (a little) and at times completely freezing, causing the phone to restart on its own. When the phone is restarting the colors on startup screen(samsung logo) appear dark/dull. After startup the phone speaker stops working. :(

    I tried toggling between silent and non silent modes to check if the speaker works but it doesn't help.The only way to fix this is to manually restart the phone.

    The problem doesn't occur very frequently but does happen may be once a weeks. I tried factory resetting the phone once, but the problem came back in sometime.

    I checked with a few of my friends with an S plus and non of them are facing any sort of lag or freezing issues. I seem to be the only one having the problem.

    Is there anyone here who has faced this or a similar problem? I am suspecting a firmware problem.


    UPDATE: The problem with the speaker was just happened a few time. But the phone restarts frequently approx. every 3 days.

  2. VijayaBalaji

    VijayaBalaji Member

    i am also facing the same problem...i brought it before 10 days...it reboots automatically
    without any reason...i have only 10-15 apps installed.
    it restarts 4 to 5 times per day.
    and when i am speaking on a phone call,it shutdown automatically..
  3. Beshoy

    Beshoy New Member

    i brought one from nearly a month and from around a week i am facing reboot problem specially during calls but the difference is mine phone speaker doesn't stops working after reboot
    what can i do & what's the reason for this problem ???
    plz help :)
  4. sync123

    sync123 Member

    I visited the Samsung service center.. They suggest I do a software reinstall.. I got it done on the 25th Feb. Now its wait and watch time.. Hoping the problem doesn't reoccur.. Suggest u guys to do the same.. Before that.. Back up all data. Contacts, messages, data on internal sd card, applist if you want to keep a record of what all apps you had installed..
    All the best..

  5. sync123

    sync123 Member

    The problem still recurred even after the software reinstall! The phone has restarted 4 times in the last 13 days..
    I will be taking the phone to the service centre again tomorrow.. Hopefully they have a better solution.
    Are you guys having any success?
  6. sync123

    sync123 Member

  7. sync123

    sync123 Member

    This is really frustrating for me, talking to the the Samsung Service guys. They have asked me to keep my phone under observation.

    When i tell them the problem happens intermittently every2-5 days still they insist on keeping the phone under observation for that long just to see what I m saying is true..?! and without even providing a replacement phone.
    He also went on to say if the problem doesn't reoccur under their observation its not a problem!
    Why would i even bother look at their face if they had sold we a non-defective phone in the first place!!! I have come there wasting my time cause there for a problem and they just cant acknowledge it..
    The phone is under test w/o a sim, w/o a data connection, no receiving and making calls. How would they even able to reproduce the problem!

    I will be visiting them again on Thursday/Friday. I hope i don't have to lose it again there..

    Samsung's set very low standards of customer service.
  8. nisarali

    nisarali New Member

    my samsung galaxy s plus hangs quite often , itz one month old i restart it manually bout itz still hung up i am not able to recieve calls any words of wisdom are welcome from forum members.............
  9. rahulaps

    rahulaps New Member

    It may be due to virus or full ram. Just clear dalvik cache and app cache. Also root your mobile and install add blocker.
  10. sync123

    sync123 Member

    After a long and hard discussion with the service centre guys, I got my phone motherboard replaced. It has not restarted for more than a week now.. The problem seems resolved. :)
  11. sync123

    sync123 Member

    Its really unfortunate for me. The phone has started to restart periodically again even after replacing the motherboard. I cant understand what else is there to this!
    The first time it restarted 10 days after the board was replaced. As time has passed its becoming shorted. Now it restarts every 4-5 days as before.

    If anyone if facing a similar problem please replay to this thread. This has to be taken up seriously with Samsung.
  12. Geekgaon

    Geekgaon New Member

    Hi there...

    You are not alone - even my cell (Samsung Galaxy S Plus) reboots frequently and sometimes in the midst of a call. Frustrating.

    Also have another issue - my cell does not even catch signals properly and on some occasions displays as if there's no tower nearby - while my another cell running on the same network service provider runs smoothly with full signal. Somebody help!
  13. VijayaBalaji

    VijayaBalaji Member

    I brought this phone on 5 feb 12. I am from India.
    I have the same problem on my "Samsung Galaxy S Plus(GT-I9001)" getting restarted frequently..The only way to stop that is by taking out the battery and then inserting it.But then also it will restart after some time.

    You can see my post in this thread at the top([Post No. #2] on February 17th, 2012, 05:24 PM)

    Visited the service center more than 8 times..they have changed the motherboard twice and they changed the OS many times also.But still the problem exists.
    And finally they have given me refund (Full Money Back).
    The Time taken for the refund process is around 50 days.

    If you want refund, just screw them (service center)..from day 10 after purchasing this phone i got this problem..and finally, yesterday i got the cheque from Samsung for my refund. Also Heard that Galaxy S2 also having restart problem. So Never going to buy samsung mobiles anymore.. Going For HTC (Quality Products)
  14. adij0628

    adij0628 New Member

    I am also from India, I m from Mumbai.
    I m not facing any reboot problem but my phone HANGS a lot.
    U r from which city if from Mumbai pls tell me the service center who gave u ur money.
  15. VijayaBalaji

    VijayaBalaji Member

    I am from CHENNAI.
    To get refund, you must have problems for more than 4 times on your phone(Complaints must be filed). For me they have changed the motherboard twice..but still the problem exists, so they agreed to give refund.
  16. crmarealle

    crmarealle New Member

    I am from Tanzania and i recently acquired a samsung s plus which also frequently shuts off and restarts especially when the net is activated but doesn't do so when the net is deactivated.
    I went to see the Samsung technical people and they didn't even bother to check the phone they just told me that i have too many cookies and the solution is to reset the phone...i am very frustrated and really don't know what to do because i really believe what they advised me won't work.

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