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  1. Daysofspeed

    Daysofspeed Member

    Hi all, i'm brand new to the world of Android and am struggling from the off! i've transferred pics from my old phone onto an external Sd card but can't figure out how to copy/move them onto the Galaxy S internal memory :confused:

    Any ideas, I'm sure I'm just missing an easy trick!

  2. groan

    groan Well-Known Member

    connect your GS to your computer via USB, choose to connect it as a mass storage device so now you should see 2 new drives.
    move the pics from one drive to the other.
    you should be able to tell the difference since one will have the Android folder and the other should not.

    If you are not sure how to get your phone to act as a mass storage device, post back.
  3. robnil

    robnil New Member

    in the status screen, you have to select mount as well by some reason
  4. groan

    groan Well-Known Member

    Oh yes. sorry I forgot to mention that. Connect the cable then drop down the status bar and tap the status message. Select Mount and you will be able to browse the contents of the cards (internal and external).
  5. Daysofspeed

    Daysofspeed Member

    Ah, ok, cheers fellas. Don't usually use my PC for transfers but makes perfect sense and probably less of a hassle than loading the SD card up a couple of times. i'll have a go tonight whan i get back home. ;)

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