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    Aug 29, 2011
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    I'm on Stock KL1 ROM for my S2 .

    I'm facing a weird problem with my S2 . Every once in a while ( like within 2-3 days ) , my phone gets turned off automatically ( or freezes , i don't know exactly ) , and i don't know this until either someone tells me that he was calling and it came switched off OR i myself pull out my phone to use it but find it off :(

    And the restart it pressing the power button doesn't work . Nothing works & I then have to hold Power+Home buttons and then it starts .

    I also had this problem in the earlier KF3 ROM , so i updated to KL1 this week and today i again faced it :( . Made a batch restore of all user apps with TB after i updated to KL1 .

    Is it a hardware issue or app conflicts .?? Is there any way to know what causes this .?

    Some monitoring app / Log collector that logs misbehavior / situation when the phone gets shut on its own and then retains the statistics / log when powered up again .?

    Have watchdog , but it does not report anything ( apart from the suspended linux process which is the Android system bug ) . And there is no way to know since after restarting watchdog does not maintain its notifications .

    Please advice what to do .? This feels very weird when phone turns off on its own .

    Here is a screenshot from battery monitor pro widget :


    The phone automatically shut off at 08:43 & i restarted it at 08:58.


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