Galaxy S2 blacks out while watching videos

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  1. McCanne

    McCanne New Member

    I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy SII a week ago and have noticed that while watching videos from Youtube or other sites and/or apps, the videos will begin on a blacked-out screen. It happens on a large majority of the videos I click on. The video screen will be completely blacked out but I can still hear the audio just fine. The problem seems to also freeze up the controls a bit, as well. What makes the whole thing worse is that since the video controls are located on the video screen, I cannot turn the video off, pause it or even mute I'm stuck listening to a video I cannot see. Anybody experiencing the same problem? Know how to fix it?

  2. NightAngel79

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    well if you hold the phone in right side up doesn't it show the the vid small with comments and stuff below it? does it do this when you have a bad signal? what about if you connect to a good wifi source?
  3. scary alien

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