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  1. thebe70

    thebe70 New Member

    I recently upgraded my Galaxy S2 from gingerbread to ICS OS and have been receiving call-related problems on my phone.Sometimes when I recieve a call,the line goes blank and then cuts off which is really frustrating.This also happens when I make a call but not always.The phone is 5 months old and I have tried everything including resetting the phone.Called customer service as well who told me to take the phone to the shop.

    Wondering if anyone had the same problem and looking for any advice.Thanks.

  2. johnfn

    johnfn New Member

    I have the same problem and it has been on the Tmobile forums for a while. they sent me a replacement phone and it happened on the first call that I made with the phone. I called Samsung and they said to return it for repair. I asked if they knew what the problem was and they said there are no problems with these phones.

    I am going to stay away from Samsung phones for a while.
  3. mirilailai

    mirilailai New Member

    I have the exact same problem with T989. When I updated to ICS then suddenly some of the calls I make or receive are soundless and I can't hear anything...
    My phone is unlocked and I thought this may cause the problem but I'm not sure anymore...It's really annoying and now I'm just waiting for the JellyBean software update hoping it will fix all the problems :smokingsomb:
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums mirilailai :hello:

    We're all waiting on some Jellybean love. :)
  5. hypeasfruck

    hypeasfruck Active Member

    I'm not. My call reception and sending calls is great after flashing the UVLI1 radio. I wish I could get a dump of the entire firmware to try it for a couple weeks.
  6. Illogicalpedia

    Illogicalpedia Active Member

    ICS update messed everything up. I really do look forward to Jelly bean.

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