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Support GALAXY S2 "cannot connect to network"

  1. samdnb1989

    samdnb1989 New Member

    Hello people Im really confused as to what ive done to my phone, its quite a long story so bare with me. I got my galaxy s2 GTI900 in Australia about 6 months ago. Came back to England and it was locked to my australia provider so I rooted it.


    Model number: GT-I900
    Android version:4.0.3
    Kernal version: 3.0.15.-I1900XWLP7-CL340913 dpi@DELL134*3
    build number: IML74k.XWLP8

    worked fine for last 4 months or so on O2 until a few days ago when I woke up and I couldnt make or receive any calls or text any said "not connected to network" "EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY" but its showing full signal, when manually trying I get the same message. So I rang up O2 found that my IMEI number had been blocked. (It had been blocked because i had lost it on a drunk night out a few weeks ago. reported it to the police so i could get a crime number and claim on my insurance, but luckily it was found and i had it returned to me before the claim went through, but I forgot to ring O2 and tell them i had my phone returned so they blocked it).
    They have now lifted the block on my phone and its still not connecting to any network. Ive rang samsung they advised me to do a factory reset which hasnt help either. Rang O2 again and there telling me all blocks have been lifted and it should be working fine. My sim card is working in my other phone.


    Thanks alot Sam

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Just a couple of things...

    1. Do your O2 APN settings match those, here?

    2. Have you tried another network providers sim card in your phone to see if that works?
  3. samdnb1989

    samdnb1989 New Member

    yeah the APNs are all correct, the only other sim i have is GiffGaff which I think is run by o2? ill try find another sim card and see what that does

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