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  1. Kofoed

    Kofoed New Member

    Hi guys!

    I just bought a galaxy S2. My problem with the phone is that i cannot find my wireless network at my home. It finds several others nearby. My girlfriends phone finds and uses my wireless network just fine. Also my computers uses this wireless network aswell.

    It must be the phone when other phones and computers can find the network right?

    Could it have somthing to do with the networks name has an

  2. 3waygeek

    3waygeek Well-Known Member

    Have you hidden your SSID? If so, try un-hiding it temporarily. Anyway, even with a hidden SSID, you should be able to use the "Add a wi-fi network" option to create a connection to your network.
  3. CroCop

    CroCop Member

    I have EXACTLY the same problem! I have a new samsung galaxy s2 and it cant detect my wireless network at my home, but it can find all other wireless networks in my building (neighbors). My other smartphones and my PlayStation Portable can detect my network and it works just fine...

    I have tried the "Add a wi-fi network" option, but that is not the solution.
    What should I do? i think the problem is in the router (Gigaset SE555 wlan dsl)
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

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