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  1. Bart D

    Bart D Member

    Hi all,

    I have had my galaxy s2 for a little under 2 years and am wondering if I should return it for a check-up. The issues I have had:

    Bad wi-fi connection, need to be real close to the wifi box: gotten rather used to this :)

    Current problem: Several apps / browsers 'lag' or rather 'hang' it seems

    Speedtest: Tried on 3G or wifi, the test runs fine but the meter gets blocked for a couple of seconds then jumps to where it's currently at. So the test works and ends giving a result but the meter always 'hangs' a couple of times during a test.

    Browsers: Video's in youtube etc. can cause issues but mostly it's any use of webcams or similar that make the image display more like it's a set of pictures being displayed than video's. I tried the same random webcams online with a laptop and they run smoothly, but on the galaxy s2 no matter if I'm connected to 3G or wifi at home, it's still displaying this issue (wifi on speedtest displays enough MB/s so this shouldn't be an issue).

    It's possible I have hickups during regular surfing etc. but then they're so small I don't notice them.

    Anyone have a clue what this may be? Firmware was updated about 1-2 months ago. Checking active apps on startup about half the memory is used.

    Cheers :)

  2. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member


    How did you upgrade and what firmware are you on now ?

    Try booting into recovery and clearing cache then navigate to advanced and clear dalvik to see if that helps first
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  3. Bart D

    Bart D Member


    My firmware was upgraded through Kies on a 1 month old Asus laptop. It was upgraded to 4.0.4; I checked yesterday on Kies and it's still the most up to date version I have.

    I ran some tests and I know this device, being one of the earliest, has the Brickbug. Is it therefore safe to do things like clear cache or clear dalvik? From what I understand it's better to be safe than sorry in this sort of case when erasing/resetting.

    That's also one of the reasons why I'm wondering if it is not safer to drop it in the shop while still under a few months guarantee. If they brick it, then they can fix it. If I brick it, I don't think they'll be very happy :) I phoned the shop and they also said I could bring it in and get a replacement normally in the meanwhile. They also told me 4.0.4 doesn't support flash anymore, is that any possibility for some problems?

    P.s. I just thought, let's test one of the gaming apps, so I started the latest angry birds and same thing, when the birds fly over, the image 'lags' from time to time. Went smooth previously...
  4. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

    For your own peace of mind take into the shop, however wiping data and dalvik cache will not brick your phone, this issue occurs when doing a data/factory reset or restore from within CWM due to having flashed a "bad kernel"

    Im assuming that you have done no modifications to your device and all upgrades have been done officially via KIES etc therefore you should be fine.

    If you do take into the shop then back up all your data as the first thing they will do is a factory reset
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  5. Bart D

    Bart D Member

    All updates were done through Kies on wifi.

    I backed up all my video's, pictures, and contacts onto sim already, in case something would go wrong with it regardless of what I do before I take it in. Clearing cache and doing a factory reset would probably solve all the problems I'm assuming (after all, it used to work perfectly except for the wifi) but since there's a risk when I do it, it seems more reasonable to bring it to them and if they do it and have a brick, then they can look into that.

    Here's to hoping I receive a backup phone tho :)

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