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Galaxy S2 crashing and reboots since ICS upgradeSupport

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  1. oswall0

    oswall0 New Member

    Hello, just found this place and am impressed with the knowledge and information available.

    As the title says, I have a new Galaxy SII and upgraded to ICS through Kies about three weeks ago and since that time I have probably10-12 random reboots throughout the day and at least 1 total black screen lockup per day which requires battery removal to reboot the handset. I tried doing a factory reset through the settings menu and it just reset the handset to a fresh ICS state.

    This phone has not been rooted or modified in any way, should I try to resort back to Gingerbread or root it and use a new setup? Also...what about Jelly Bean, is it up and running for the SII ?

    Thank you in advance

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  2. Halofromsue

    Halofromsue Active Member

    Hi. Sorry to hear another person has problems with the ICS. Theres TOO MANY problems with it. I now HATE my phone. Not sure if rebooting anything will solve your problem, AT&T told me it would only erase all of your info, but the freeware ICS will still be on your phone.
  3. bishopchip

    bishopchip New Member

    same problem here - all was happy prior to the ICS update
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  4. rehsa

    rehsa Member

    Had the same problem. I went back to gingerbread and evrything works fine
  5. nonie

    nonie Active Member

    Sorry to hear everyone is having problems with ICS. Guess I'll stick with gingerbread.
    Very few it seems are happy with ICS.
  6. jimmylavino

    jimmylavino Member

    How do I go back to ATT Gingerbread?
  7. archittech7

    archittech7 Well-Known Member

    Hey, can you please tell us how to go back to gingerbread? I'm all for doing that if there's a way.
  8. jpfotoz

    jpfotoz Member

    I don't think you can. But if you go to the ATT service center they can reinstall ICS for you - it's a full install and you won't have any of functionality problems that happen through Keis. BUT - backup EVERYTHING FIRST - I made that mistake and lost all my photos.
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  9. 318mph4me

    318mph4me New Member

    I called into ATT Tech Services Cust Support (not billing, TECH Support) to verify that the Device Support Centers could update to 4.0 (improved) and the rep wasn't sure if the Support Center could do that. FAIL ATT!!!!!

    So bummed with ATT. I'm still running stock GB UKK7 and have useless bloatware sucking up my battery in addition to the USSD wipe issue. (I am my own "task killer" and I am able to get battery usage down to 1% an hour...not using, no wifi, screen off).

    (jpfotoz not that I didn't believe you....didn't trust ATT....I would have to drive 50 miles to nearest Device Support).

    *****went to the Device Service Center and now running a clean ICS******
  10. gcobb

    gcobb Well-Known Member

    My phone did the reboot and lock up thing for a few days or a week. It hasn't done it since and I believe it's an app issue with trying to use one not compatible with ICS.

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